Insteon Remote Control On/Off Switch, Toggle - White

Quiet Control of Fluorescent Lights, Ceiling Fans and Motors
  • Controls lights and appliances remotely, turning them on and off
  • Controls fluorescent lights, electronic ballasts, halogen lamps and low-voltage lighting transformers
  • Incorporates a light or appliance into multiple lighting design scenes in minutes
  • Familiar toggle control to match your home's décor
  • Easy-to-install switch uses Insteon technology for superior performance and reliability
  • Works with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control (Insteon Hub required, Alexa device and Google Assistant device each sold separately)



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  • Insteon ToggleLinc Relay (Non-Dimming) — The Most Advanced Remote-Controllable On/Off Switch
    The Insteon ToggleLinc Relay (Non-Dimming) allows you to include fluorescent or non-dimmable lights, fans, and other appliances in your Insteon home control network. The ToggleLinc Relay functions only as an on/off switch. If you need a dimmable switch to control incandescent bulbs, low-voltage halogen (e.g. track), and other low-voltage lights with magnetic or dimmable electronic transformers, use the ToggleLinc Dimmer.

    How many times have you jumped into bed and forgotten to turn the lights off? With the Insteon ToggleLinc Relay's remote control ability, you can have the convenience of adding a Insteon remote controller to turn off your lights after you get into bed. Never come home to a dark house again: add Insteon Hub and schedule any ToggleLinc Relay or any other Insteon-compatible device to turn on or off at any specific time or even at sunrise and sunset. The ToggleLinc Relay can control a 480-watt incandescent load or 15A resistive load.

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    Easy To Install
    The Insteon ToggleLinc Relay is so easy to install and set up and yet so affordable, you'll want to replace all your switches with ToggleLincs. Just remove the old switch, reattach the existing line, load, ground, and neutral wires using the included wire nuts, and you're done.

    Beautiful, High-Quality Construction
    Unlike other switches, the Insteon ToggleLinc Relay offers the natural feel of high-end dimmers. The ToggleLinc is designed and manufactured to high-end specifications and goes through over 10 quality-control tests before arriving at your doorstep. The white status LED indicates the current status of the device being controlled. When the ToggleLinc Relay is turned off, the white LED illuminates to help with finding the switch in the dark. Don't forget to order a matching wall plate.

    Built with a Quieter Relay
    Because the ToggleLinc Relay is built with a much quieter relay than most remote-control ON/OFF switches, it has a click that's more than 80 percent quieter than traditional relay switches. This allows you to control lights and other non-dimmable devices remotely without waking up the baby, annoying other family members, or sending your cat fleeing across the room. The click of the ToggleLinc's internal relay is barely audible.

    Generates Less Heat
    Unlike triac-based dimmers, Insteon ToggleLinc Relay uses a hard-contact relay to control the load. Other switches may use a semiconductor that absorbs about two volts of power and dissipates the heat through the front of the switch. By using a relay, the switch runs cooler and full voltage gets to the load.

    Create Multi-Way Circuits
    The ToggleLinc Relay allows you to customize your lighting setup no matter how your house is wired, even if the original switches were never wired for multi-way control. It's simple to create a 3-, 4-, or 5-way circuit. First replace all of the existing switches you want to include in the circuit with ToggleLinc Relays. The main relay must be connected to the standard wires: load, line, neutral, and ground. The secondary relays only need to be connected to line, neutral, and ground. No traveler wires are needed, so it is easy to place one of the relays wherever you need it. Cross-linking all of the companion relays to the master relay is the last step in the process. The end result is a flexible, fully functional multi-way circuit.

    Scene Lighting
    Scenes allow you to control multiple lights, rooms or even the whole home with a single command. Because the ToggleLinc can be a member of more than 400 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.), you'll be able to launch various lighting scenarios with a single button press. These are elegant features usually found only in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. The relays can blend seamlessly in a scene with ToggleLinc Dimmers. So one set of lights connected to an Insteon ToggleLinc Dimmer can slowly dim, while another set connected to the ToggleLinc Relay turns off instantly, all controlled with one command from one button.

    Non-Volatile Memory
    All ToggleLinc settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures.

    Network Reliability
    To ensure network reliability, dual-band Insteon products (such as Access Points) allow RF-only Insteon devices to send (and receive) commands to (and from) power line-only Insteon devices as well as repeat the commands to other RF-only devices. While at least one (1) Dual-band Insteon product is required when using an RF-only Insteon device, at least two (2) Dual-band Insteon products are recommended to ensure reliable communication across common two-phase home wiring systems. For larger applications, it is recommended to install at least one dual-band Insteon product for each 750 - 1,000 Square Feet.

  • One ToggleLinc Dimmer controls load, Cross-Link any number of ToggleLinc Relays or other Insteon Controllers
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2466SW
    UPC 689076400541
    Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, Foreign Patents (See
    Color White
    Warranty 2 Years
    LED Indicator Off when load is on and vice versa
    Operation Modes Insteon
    Multi-Way Circuit Support
    Setup Memory Non-volatile EEPROM
    Insteon Features
    Insteon Addresses 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    Insteon Links 417
    Insteon Powerline Frequency 131.65 KHz
    Insteon Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    Insteon Minimum Receive Level 10 mV
    Insteon Messages Repeated Yes
    Paddle Type Toggle
    Wire Nuts 3 included
    Mounting Mounts in single or multiple-ganged junction box.
    Operating Conditions Indoors, 32° to 104°F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions 1.73"w x 4.14"h x 1.73"d (front bracket)
    1.74"w x 2.71"h x 1.40"d (main body)
    Weight 3.6 oz
    Supply Voltage 120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    Power Wire Leads 6", 14 AWG (black and red) and 18 AWG (for white), stranded, 600V, 105°C insulation, ends stripped and tinned, LINE (black), LOAD (red), NEUTRAL (white)
    Ground Lead 6", 14 AWG, stranded, bare copper
    Load Types Wired-in incandescent lighting and inductive loads
    Maximum Load 15 Amps; 480 Watts (for incandescent loads)
    Power Consumption 0.67 Watts
    Certification Safety tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581
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    didn't work to good Review by M.C.
    didn't work to good

    Installed in a connected garage of a residence that has 20+ insteon devices and a hub. This switch connected right away but then would only turn on from the app but not off. And always displayed yellow "unknown" status which was not good since this was to control a gas boiler for a radiant heated driveway

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues, I sounds lik the load is causing interference. You may want to consider using a 2477S, as that would not be tied to power line only. The RF communication of the 2477S may be able to help with the power line interference being generated by the boiler.

    Posted on 2/6/2020

    Build Quality Exceptionally Poor Review by RJ
    Build Quality Exceptionally Poor

    While this ON/OFF toggle switch does function as expected the build quality is very poor. When it first arrived the toggle lever would stick in either the up or down position and would not return to the middle. After a few cycles it loosened up. However it is so cheap feeling, the lever just seems to flop back and forth with no tactile feed back. This seems to be an ongoing problem with Insteon products, poor quality control and manufacturing inconsistencies.

    Posted on 1/19/2020

    Simple to install, simple to use Review by Scott
    Simple to install, simple to use

    Admittedly, the first time I saw one of these switches, I was a little surprised to see that the physical switch itself sits in a neutral position rather than pointing upward or downward depending on whether the switch is on or off. Of course, now that I've seen it in action and understand how the switches work, it makes sense. It just catches a person off-guard when you're used to the look of "traditional" analog switches.

    All told, we now have close to 10 of these switches in our new house. My wife likes them and asks me from time-to-time why I haven't automated certain switches in the house yet. So, I'd say she approves too.

    Posted on 9/18/2019

    Not what I was hoping for Review by CD
    Not what I was hoping for

    I bought the toggle version to replace a manual switch in an outdoor box that had a waterproof metal toggle lever on it. The fact that this switch homes to the center position caused problems, because it didn't have the power to push the cover plate's lever with it, so it just sticks wherever you flip it. It's too easy to flick this switch on or off with the lever and forget to return it to center, which then makes it impossible to turn off or on via program control.

    The other issue (and not just with this unit) is that Insteon switches are in general overly large. Each kit comes with a switch and several wire nuts; I like to joke that you can install the switch or the wire nuts but not both, because there's just not enough room in a standard box. I would think that over the 10+ years Insteon has been around, enough component miniaturization would have occurred so that the butt end of these components could be reduced to a more reasonable size. If even one wire runs behind them, the don't seat flush to the front surface, which is really incompatible with outdoor installation and things like the weatherproof toggle cover.

    If I knew back then what I knew now about this switch, I would have ordered the Decora model and replaced the toggle plate with a weatherproof spring cover. It's more inconvenient to have to flip up a cover to flip the switch, but there are too many things that just don't work well with the toggle unit.

    Posted on 6/21/2019

    LED Review by Peter

    THe LED should be on when the switch is on, so you know the equipment at far end is ON! or it should be red for off and green for on.

    Posted on 6/21/2019

    As I expected Review by GGarcia
    As I expected

    I am keeping the style of all electrical components, and it is perfect like a toggle switch. Besides the operation is very efficient with a easy installation and programing.

    Posted on 12/19/2018

    Annoying Delay, and rests in the middle Review by D
    Annoying Delay, and rests in the middle

    These switches have two annoying characteristics that might make you reconsider. In my experience, the work fine, but the problem is that the toggle behaves very differently from normal switches. First, it takes a distinct press and hold for a second for the switch to activate instead of the casual throw you can give a conventional switch. Second, the toggle rests in the middle of the travel so it gives you no visual cue as to the on/off state of the switch. This is EXTREMELY annoying because of the way our muscle memory works with toggle switches.

    Any basic understanding of ergonomics could have solved these problems had their priority been the customer experience rather than their engineering ease.

    Response: I am sorry for any inconvenience. the switch does have an LED indicator to let you know the correct state. When the switch is off the LED at the bottom will be on (so that you can find the switch with the lights out) and the LED turns off when the switch is on. The reason that it rests in the middle is that that aesthetically, it looks the same as a dimmer, which needs to rest in the middle to allow to brighten or dim by holding the toggle up/down. If you switch it taking a second before it actuates however, that is unusual. While it does need to register that it was turned on (and not just bumped into for example) that process shoudl take considerable less than a second.

    Posted on 9/22/2018

    solid switches Review by William
    solid switches

    My wife prefers the toggles for a classic look. Ordered 4 and installed them in an hour or two. One does not work, lights up, but won't turn on or off load. Asked for an exchange, so I'll see how easy or smooth that process is. Otherwise very easy to install and configure.

    Posted on 5/25/2017

    2466SW will not connect to other unit Review by Ernest
    2466SW will not connect to other unit

    Spent 3 hours trying to get units to talk to each other to create a virtual 3 way switch. Yes, they are connected correctly. It is actually fairly easy (in theory) to create a virtual 3 way switch. "Controller" unit simply needs 120V AC connection, "Reciever" unit needs Power(hot)+Load connection. Once the wiring is done, the two units should easily 'find' each other and allow switching from either unit. Except they never found each other. Waste of $100.

    Smarthome reply: Network Reliability
    To ensure network reliability, dual-band Insteon products (such as Access Points) allow RF-only Insteon devices to send (and receive) commands to (and from) power line-only Insteon devices as well as repeat the commands to other RF-only devices. While at least one (1) Dual-band Insteon product is required when using an RF-only Insteon device, at least two (2) Dual-band Insteon products are recommended to ensure reliable communication across common two-phase home wiring systems. For larger applications, it is recommended to install at least one dual-band Insteon product for each 750 - 1,000 Square Feet.

    Posted on 2/12/2017

    Fails every few hours Review by TomKane106
    Fails every few hours

    The two 2466SW units I installed would work for about 2 or 3 hours, and then quit. I was trying to control them with a 2842-222 Motion Sensor, with the signal relayed thru a 2992-222 Range Extender. Every few hours the system would stop working; I could get it to work again by unplugging and replugging the Range Extender. Needless to say, this was not acceptable.

    I returned the two 2466SW units and the Range Extender, and replaced them with two 2477S units. These units are “dual band”, so no range extender is needed. Now it all works. Only downside is the different shape – so I needed a new wall plate.

    Seems to me they should either redesign or discontinue the 2466SW.

    Posted on 10/29/2016

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