Thermo Cube TC-22 - On at 120 Degrees, Off at 100 Degrees

Thermo Cube TC-22 - On at 120 Degrees, Off at 100 Degrees

Avoid Weather-Related Catastrophes!
  • Automatically turns devices on and off according to air temperature
  • Save electricity by running equipment only when necessary
  • Perfect for basic automation of weather-related devices without an intelligent controller
  • Instant installation - Just plug them in!
  • Weatherproof



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  • Plug your appliance into the hot weather Thermo Cube and plug it into the wall. When the temperature rises above 120° the Thermo Cube will turn your appliance ON. When the temperature drops below 100° it will turn your appliance OFF. Each unit has two receptacles for use with more than one device. Can operate loads up to 1800 Watts, 15 Amps, 120VAC.

    Also available:
    Thermo Cube TC-1 - On at 0 Degrees, Off at 10 Degrees
    Thermo Cube TC-2 - On at 20 Degrees, Off at 30 Degrees
    Thermo Cube TC-3 - On at 35 Degrees, Off at 45 Degrees
    Thermo Cube TC-21 - On at 78 Degrees, Off at 70 Degrees

    Recommended for use with GFCI outlets.

    This hot-weather model Thermo Cube is ideal for use with window fans, exhaust fans, ventilators, attic fans or any other air-exchange devices. Automating these devices is crucial if you have plants or animals that are sensitive to heat. You can even use the Thermo Cube with a strobe light to create an "Overheating Warning" system that can be seen by neighboring homes or buildings.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Thermo Cube, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No.: TC-22
    Maximum Rating: 1800 Watts, 15 Amps, 120VAC
    Dimensions: 3-3/16" (W) x 1-5/16" (H) x 1" (D).
    Approval: UL and CSA (for Canada)
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

  • 8 Reviews

    Review of 7145 Review by DENNIS
    Review of 7145

    Product is as advertised, works satisfactorily and was a good value (sale item). Will be used to activate a the blower for a air-solar heater

    Posted on 2/29/2012

    Review of 7145 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 7145

    Color of unit on website was white but unit received was red, not a big deal but should be known. Works as described.

    Posted on 3/28/2010

    Review of 7145 Review by JARED
    Review of 7145

    This was not sensitive or quick enough to work well enough for me. I imagine since the switch is housed within a plastic box the external temperature has to be extremely high rather quickly or above the target temperature for long periods of time.

    A lower temperature might have worked for me but as they don't produce those I had to go with a more precise (expensive) solution

    Posted on 1/3/2010

    Review of 7145 Review by JIM
    Review of 7145

    Have not used product yet but order was delivered timely and reasonably priced.

    Posted on 8/12/2009

    Review of 7145 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 7145

    works as stated,high quality

    Posted on 8/8/2008

    Review of 7145 Review by THOMAS
    Review of 7145

    No troubles. The device seems to work well.

    Posted on 3/25/2007

    Review of 7145 Review by PAUL
    Review of 7145

    I didn't really have time to sit down on the computer, or to go through your catalog. All I knew was I had to do something, and soon. I went up into the walk-up attic and even with a ridge-cap roof, it was getting way way too hot up there. I needed a fan that knew when it had to turn on, and know when to shut itself off. I put a large analog thermometer up there and checked the following day. It was nearly pegged out, or greater than 120 degrees. I talked to your customer service department, and told them what I needed and my situation. They mentioned item number blah blah blah and it turns on @ 120 degrees. Yes! I have a lot of mint condition toys up there in the attic including Chucky and Tiffany. Did not want them melting or warping as a lot of the toys up there are plastic. It sounded like it was just what I needed so I ordered it. I was very pleased with how quickly it arrived. I wired everything up and we've had temp's in the 90's for over 9 days in a tall corn row. It was just shy of 121 degrees and the fan started up just like it was supposed to. It also shut off when it was supposed to, so that fan did not have to run all night. I will definately be needing another one but probably won't because there's no electricity on that end of the attic, yet. And that's that. A happy customer.
    Stay cool, drive less.

    Posted on 7/18/2006

    Review of 7145 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 7145

    good service

    Posted on 11/23/2005

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