Tethercell AA Battery Operated Device Controller (2-Pack)


Tethercell AA Battery Operated Device Controller (2-Pack)

Direct Battery Control of AA-Battery Controlled Devices and Toys with Bluetooth
  • One Tethercell needed per AA-battery powered device
  • Turn AA-battery powered devices on and off remotely
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy)
  • Real-time battery life alerts
  • Set device schedule, timers, and power setting


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  • The Tethercell AA Battery Operated Device Controller gives you complete Bluetooth 4.0 wireless control over your AA-battery powered devices and toys through a simple AA-battery adapter. The adapter replaces one standard AA-battery and is powered by a AAA-battery, giving you complete control and monitoring capability of your battery-operated devices from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet via a downloadable application. The Tethercell app works similarly to other wireless home monitoring device apps in that it allows you to power your devices on and off remotely, check the battery level, receive low power alerts, set device schedules and timers, and even locate a device that is missing. You will only need one Tethercell adapter for each AA-battery powered device that you want to control.

    The use of Bluetooth 4.0 technology consumes very low amounts of energy at greater distances by using low data cycles instead of persistent data communication which tends to drain batteries much faster. Tethercell also includes device privacy and security by requiring you to enter a personal password to change any device settings that have been applied.

    What the Tethercell AA Can Be Used For
    • Baby monitor: Tethercell gives a parent the ability to turn the baby monitor on (or off) from a remote room without disturbing the child.
    • Game controller: For children in a specific age range, parents can keep game controllers un-powered during times when games should not be played (e.g. homework time). Users can also benefit from the proximity function so that adults/children can find lost game controllers.
    • Outdoor battery-operated light/lamps: For those that own battery-operated light fixtures outside or inside the home, Tethercell can give the user remote control capabilities. Users can also benefit from the timer function, allowing users to set schedules for when lights should go on or off.
    • Microphones: Similar to the above, users can use Tethercell within a microphone in order to provide remote control (on/off) capabilities.
    • TV remote controls: Parents can benefit from the use of Tethercell within TV remotes as Tethercell can prevent children (or others) from changing TV programming or from turning on the TV at odd times (e.g., early morning). Users can also benefit from the proximity function so that adults/children can find lost TV remotes.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No.TETH001
    DimensionsStandard AA Battery
    Device TransmissionBluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    Connectivity RangeUp to 100 feet away
    Number of Tethercells Needed1 tethercell per device
    Battery TypeAAA
    Rechargeable BatteriesYes. Tethercell performs best with rechargeable batteries because of their low internal resistance, especially in high drain devices.
    Additional FeaturesCurrent sensing OP-AMP comparator

    Temperature sensor

    N-channel MOSFET (capable of switching up to 5A)

    1.5V to 3V boost converter and embedded 8051 microcontroller
    Manufacturer Warranty30-day limited warranty
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