Customer Testimonials


"I was so impressed with my introduction to Insteon, including the products, the ease of installation and the pre-purchase tech support that I received from Smarthome that I got on to your website to give you the appropriate kudos.

Your tech team talked me into upgrading to Insteon and I am very pleased that they did. The Insteon units are will designed, easy to install and, so far, quite reliable. The black remote is very, very nicely designed. The surface of that unit, with the rubber like treatment, is slick.

The quick response from your chat room concerning some pre-purchase issues was another big plus."
- - - Anthony, Woodland Hills, CA

"I LOVE the Auto Link and spider features. What a huge time saver. I have a 4500 sq ft home that has been completely converted to INSTEON from X10. The INSTEON technology is clearly superior but I needed control software to tie it all together. I was disappointed when I started evaluating what was on the market. I?m grateful SmartLabs decided to develop their own software for INSTEON. As the president of a Vertical Market software company, my professional opinion on most of the third-party software on the market is not good. It all seems somewhat amateurish and not very functional for Insteon. I?m glad you folks also saw the problem and stepped up to fill the need."
- - - Mike, President, Kressa Software Corp

"You made a great product even better. Appreciate the ability to change the LED colors, see button labels more clearly when back lit, and easily expand it from a 6 button to 8 button device."
- - - Michael, Escondido, CA

"The Insteon SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer is one of the finest locally and/or remote controlled dimmers on the market. The V2 Dimmer is elegant and sophisticated in appearance, yet fun and easy to operate. The V2 Dimmer?s LED light brightness bar can be seen from across the room and tells at-a-glace the relative brightness of the lights being controlled. This convenience is especially welcome when your lights are located out-of-sight in a distant part of your home. The professional quality of the rocker-style switch paddle of the V2 Dimmer is a refreshing and welcome change to the mushy feel of the old-fashioned dimmers of the past. When used in conjunction with other Insteon components, the simplicity and reliability of a "System" of Insteon V2 Dimmers and Switches is tough to beat. An Insteon System is easy to set up and the Insteon Mesh Network operates virtually as well as hard-wired computer-controlled lighting systems costing thousands of dollars, all without having to rewire your home. If you are ready for sophisticated, reliable, convenient, and fun control of the lights and appliances in your home, install Insteon SwitchLinc V2 Dimmers and Switches."
- - - Dale, Firth, ID

"Totally changes the look of the keypad - very elegant & we like the fact that you can get these buttons customized. The etching is a professional job & came in a reasonable amount of time. We are going to do all of our keypads etched."
- - - Charles, Providence, RI

"I am really impressed with INSTEON. I will continue to purchase."
- - - Christopher, Frisco, TX

"I am amazed with INSTEON! The reliability and speed is absolutely astounding. This dimmer is a wonderful addition to my INSTEON-enabled home."
- - - Allen, Gainesville, FL

"INSTEON dimmers are the best things since sliced bread. 100% reliable and they respond to commands instantaneously. I can't convert my house to INSTEON dimmers fast enough."
- - - Robert, Leesburg, VA

"Works great. Very responsive and reliable. Much better than X10."
- - - John, Sanford, FL

"We're installing these by the hundred! great versatility and less expensive than a standard dimmer, especially for magnetic low voltage!"
- - - Dave, Napa, CA

"This is a fantastic product... very quite, reasonably priced, and reliable. After switching most of my lights over to compact fluorescent, this is the first on/off switch I've found that's reasonably priced."
- - - Matthew, Worcester, MA

"A more economical solution than alternatives."
- - - Doug, Chicago, IL

"We love our new INSTEON - enabled switches! The system was a great investment in a better home."
- - - Cheryl, San Jose, CA

"I'm extremely happy with my INSTEON purchase and am eager for more products (especially socket-rocket, and 2 load bearing controllers in 1 unit space). Price and value are excellent."
- - - Joseph, Evanston, IL

"INSTEON works much better than my X10 counterparts... but since this also can use X10, I have the best of both worlds. Price is great too!"
- - - Rick, Westminster, CO

Easy to install and use
"I changed out the night stand lights in our bedroom from X-10 to INSTEON, I was surprised at how simple it was and took so little time. I hadn't told my wife I had swapped out the light controllers. She walked into the room, picked up the INSTEON remote, turned her light off, dimmed mine and got into the bed. This was the first time I had added new technology without her asking why. That alone sold me. You have a great weekend."
- - - Percy, Orlando, FL

"Very easy to use and install. The device configured right away and is working great! I would suggest using these INSTEON products to anyone that has a home automation setup in there house. I ended up switching out all my X10 stuff to INSTEON because it is a lot more reliable and the 2 way works awesome. Thanks Smarthome"
- - - Matthew, Clearwater, FL

"This is a wonderful product that was easy to install and works great. I used it to add a wirelss switch to an unswitched circuit that originally had been used in the kitchen for a combo ceiling fan and light fixture that had been changed to a light fixture only."
- - - Alan, Houston, TX

"Incredible functionality in a very small package. Easy to use, install, and program."
- - - DR, Reston, VA

"Excellent item, no need for slave switches and the virtual/linked capability made it possible to "create" switch locations the client desired but could not have wired. i.e. a driveway light switch upstairs."
- - - Chris, Daytona Beach, FL

"Fantastic...MUCH better than the old X10 Switches. Pretty, effective, works with X10. Setting up switches to control multiple lights is easy"
- - - Michael, Walnut Creek, CA

"My wife loves how it lets her set the lighting to her mood!"
- - - Brad, Mahtomedi, MN

"Works great. Easy to use and install."
- - - Larry, Saratoga Springs, UT

"Works great! Turning my Christmas lights on and off with a single push of a button has never been easier."
- - - Mike, Huntington Beach, CA

"I've been a X-10 user for many years. My home has 100 devices. Reliability gradually declined. I experimented with Z-Wave a little, then tried Insteon. It was simple to use, and worked great from the start! I started gradually replacing the most problematic X-10 nodes with Insteon, but after seeing the reliability of the Insteon product, my old stuff seems like junk. I look for new products with every electronic newsletter. An Insteon substitute for a "Powerflash interface' would be great. And thanks again to Todd- (Telephone Tech support) "
- - - Michael, Clinton TWP, MI

"Easy to install, link, operate. INSTEON adds a great level of reliabilty to complex x-10 installations."
- - - Mitchell, Goodview, VA

"I absolutely love it. Easily installed, super simple to program, excellent price for everything it does, I couldn't be happier."
- - - Walter, La Crescenta, CA

"Insteon reliability gives this item a tremendous edge on X10"
- - - DR, Reston, VA

"I love INSTEON! It just works!"
- - - Jay, West Chester, PA

"I have used automation products for many years but there were always one or two spots that just did not work no matter how I wired them. INSTEON has solved ALL of my control issues. I was so pleased that I've purchased several additional Keypadlinc's to augment my basic system."
- - - Dave, Fontana, CA

"What an amazing lighting automation product. Faster than X10 and works every time - completely reliable. Thank you, Smarthome, for making switches that are enjoyable to use."
- - - James, Boston, MA

"INSTEON is a great improvement over X10 in my home."
- - - Justin, Los Angeles, CA

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