Customer Testimonials from 2004


"Leviton products never fall short of our expectations. I've used their product in the past and will continue to work with them in the future. Our customers are happy, and that makes us happy. Smarthome has done a great job on getting us what we need when we need it. Thanks guys!"
- - - Craig, Alexandria, MN, December 2006
"Haven't used it as yet. I purchased over $400 worth of items from you just immediately prior to this one. customer service was helpful and responsive. Later when i needed additional information they provided me with access to the organization I needed to talk with when they themselves couldn't answer my questions. I was favorably impressed and most appreciative of your time, patience and service. the reward for good work is more work, so we will frquent your organization again in the future."
- - - Thomas, Malvern, PA, December 2006
"Our experience with Smarthome as been superior. Products ordered have been exceptional quality, shipping is always lightening fast and customer service when needed has been above and beyond what we would have expected. Clearly Smarthome has a committment to quality service as evidenced by follow up letters and surveys. That is just one more reason why we will remain loyal to your great company."
- - - Dave and Pamela, Charlotte, NC, December 2006
"Not only are Smarthome products superior to other like ones, esp the battery operated candles that are beautiful and very good quality, but the customer service is also TOP NOTCH!! Their reps know what they are talking about, they are friendly, and they go out of their way to make the customer happy. I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone!"
- - - Kelly, Raleigh, NC, December 2006
"I have many years of history, ordering various products from Smarthome. In all regard, I have been extremely satisfied with the products that I have utilized. Your cutomer service is excellent! Bravo!"
- - - Craig, Princeton, WI, December 2006
"Smarthome is one of the best companies I have done business with. I have purchased over $4000.00 worth of equipment and will continue to conduct business with them as long as their customer service remains a priority. Great job!"
- - - Joseph, Newfield, NJ, December 2006
"So far I have ordered several products after this item, my experience has been first rate with the ordering service, technical assistance etc and I would recommend your business to anyone."
- - - Oscar, Lake Worth, FL, November 2006
"The online order was easy to use and the delivery was faster than I expected. On Halloween I used the mist maker w/led on my front porch and it got a fantastic response from the kids that came to the door. That's nearly 125 positive remarks. Thanks for selling such wonderful products."
- - - Jeremy, Pennington, NJ, November 2006
"So many times I can't find solutions to home a/v or automation problems but Smarthome Has Them."
- - - Mark, Rockville, MD, November 2006
"Outstanding customer service."
- - - John, Hockessin, DE, November 2006
"Super fast delivery with product exactly as described: easy to install, works well. Absolutely everything was right."
- - - Felice, Oxford, MS, November 2006
"The assistance I received during 2-3 phone calls to Smarthome were extremely helpful as I made my way through the installation process with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. I would highly recommend your company in the future."
- - - Bradley, Silver Spring, MD, November 2006
"Thank you all for your technical support and top flight customer service. You guys did an awsome job, Thanks so much!"
- - - Deloris, Roseville, CA, November 2006
"SmartHome sustomer service is simply the best! Your folks are unbeleivably helpful and empowered by management to take care of the customer. Thanks."
- - - Jeffery, Barrington, IL, October 2006
"The Smarthome catalog? I keep it on my coffee table along with my GQ and NASCAR Illustrated and a Cigar catalog. The Smarthome catalog is the first one that guests pick up."
- - - John, Baltimore, MD, October 2006
"Your customer service people were FANTASTIC!!! I was completely impressed at their intelligence, good judgement, and demeanor."
- - - Kent, Westborough, MA, October 2006
"Your service is great! The turn around for shipping is so fast! Thank you!!"
- - - Margo, Sacramento, CA, October 2006
"My purchase experience was excellent."
- - - Sandra, La Verne, CA, October 2006
"'The total experience was great. You do a wonderful job! I will be back as I need."
- - - Michael, Summerville, SC, October 2006
"Your customer service is great and the product is great as well."
- - - Kendall, Austin, TX, October 2006
"The Insteon SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer is one of the finest locally and/or remote controlled dimmers on the market. The V2 Dimmer is elegant and sophisticated in appearance, yet fun and easy to operate. The V2 Dimmer?s LED light brightness bar can be seen from across the room and tells at-a-glace the relative brightness of the lights being controlled. This convenience is especially welcome when your lights are located out-of-sight in a distant part of your home. The professional quality of the rocker-style switch paddle of the V2 Dimmer is a refreshing and welcome change to the mushy feel of the old-fashioned dimmers of the past. When used in conjunction with other Insteon components, the simplicity and reliability of a ?System? of Insteon V2 Dimmers and Switches is tough to beat. An Insteon System is easy to set up and the Insteon Mesh Network operates virtually as well as hard-wired computer-controlled lighting systems costing thousands of dollars, all without having to rewire your home. If you are ready for sophisticated, reliable, convenient, and fun control of the lights and appliances in your home, install Insteon SwitchLinc V2 Dimmers and Switches."
- - - Dale, Firth, ID, September 2006
"'You are consistently "top-notch". Products are excellent with fair prices. you dekiver what you advertise and descriibe each product accurately and efficiently. I have made numerous purchases and have been satisfied each time equally. Keep up the great work."
- - - Howard, Nesconset, NY, August 2006
"This timer switch was exactly what I needed. It was easy to install, easy to program and works great. Your website was easy to navigate and had good clear pictures. The ordering process through Amazon gave me a feeling of security, and my order arrived ahead of schedule in good condition. Thanks!"
- - - Michael T., San Rafael, CA, August 2006
"Everything was as it should be exactly as picture, shipped quickly and correctly. Greatly satisfied with the product and services."
- - - Tamara, Spanaway, WA, August 2006
"Happy with the service and product, thanks!"
- - - Ahmad, San Diego, CA, August 2006
"Always a good experience dealing with SmartHome."
- - - Darwin, Mineral, VA, August 2006
"Your company had the best price and the best shipping and handling costs as compared to catalog services and over 40 internet links I searched. Delivered in about 4 business days, while a catalog company offered 4-6 weeks. Thanks for your excellent service."
- - - Sharyn, Homosassa, FL, August 2006
"I have been very impressed by the overall experience and the fast/courteous/reliable service your company provided. I received my order in a timely manner and in many shipments. Invoices were correct, quantities exact and well wrapped."
- - - Andre, Arlington, VA, August 2006
"An excellent internet shopping experience. Quick delivery."
- - - Tom, San Antonio, TX, August 2006
"I just chose the wrong items when I ordered. When I called Customer Support, the service technician was able to provide me with an RMA number in a handful of minutes. She was helpful and sounded very positive on the phone, something I find refreshing when calling a company. The whole call, including wait time, could not have been more than four minutes. I consider that a HUGE success. It takes longer than that to navigte most automated phone menu systems just to get in LINE to wait for someone. Thank you SO MUCH. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! :-)"
- - - Nick, Arlington, VA, July 2006
"Even though I returned the order, the service was outstanding."
- - - Steve, Las Vegas, NV, July 2006
"Customer service was excellent with my return if mis-labeled lockset. The product is great, very easy to install and use. I've never been disappointed with any product I've ordered from SmartHome. Your selection of what to put in the catalog is excellent, and you always back them up if I have questions or problems. Thanks again!"
- - - Michael, Forest Grove, OR, July 2006
"I am very happy with this product as with all products I have purchased from Smarthome. I like to research a product before purchasing and your site usually provides that information. When informaiton is not provided on line I call your customer service and they give me the information I need."
- - - John, La Vista, NE, July 2006
"Your products and catalogs are one of a kind and that is just what I am looking for. Thanks again."
- - - Michael, Lakeville, MN, July 2006
"Everthing was as good as I have ever experienced with the best of any walk-in type of retail store. The people were very helpful and knowlegable.In the future I will do business with SmartHome again."
- - - Mark, Moncks Corner, SC, July 2006
"I am ALWAYS impressed at how FAST I get my orders from Smarthome. You are the best in the business AND your selection of products always brings me back when I need a solution to a home problem. Thank you."
- - - Robert, Temecula, CA, July 2006
"thank you very much for being everything one could hope for in a vendor. i will definitely return some day!"
- - - Ian, Hastings, New Zealand, July 2006
"I was very impressed with the level of service and prompt delivery. Thank you SMARTHOME!"
- - - Edwardo, Farmington, MN, July 2006
"Customer service just sent me out a replacement for the unit that did not work properly. Needless to say, I was VERY PLEASED not to have to ship back the broken unit...and I look forward to many more future purchases from SMARTHOME!"
- - - Carol, Point Jeff Station, NY, July 2006
"Very competent Technical Support solved my problem. Also, an excellent presentation by Smarthome at my local computer club (NOCCC) led me to try Smarthome. I will look first to Smarthome for my future products."
- - - Bob, Anaheim, CA, July 2006
"The quality of the prod is great. My husband love it and uses it all the time. I saw the same item on other sites at ridiculous high prices. I would definitely shop your site again."
- - - Linda, Fort Worth, TX, July 2006
"I am always pleased with the items I receive from Smart Home. I is a pleasure doing business with you!"
- - - Michelle, Ashley, PA, July 2006
"The very best other companies should operate like you guys all the best to you .I will shop here again and recommend to others !!!"
- - - Bernard, Glastonbury, CT, June 2006
"You are my favorite supplier for electronic items. Everything is always priced right, gets here in a flash, and if I have a question, you're always helpful. Keep up the good work. "
- - - Robert, Rancho Mirage, CA, June 2006
"You are my favorite supplier for electronic items. Everything is always priced right, gets here in a flash, and if I have a question, you're always helpful. Keep up the good work. "
- - - Richard, Denton, MD, June 2006
"I have purchased many items from Smarthome. Most likely, I will purchase many more. You are right on top of technology with many useful items."
- - - Ronald, Houston, TX, June 2006
"We most definitely shop at smarthome again. Great product."
- - - Peter, Riverdale, GA, May 2006
"Great site, great products, great service."
- - - John, Amarillo, TX, May 2006
"Best customer service online! Thank you, Smarthome for making my shopping experience so smooth."
- - - Bobby, Corona, CA, May 2006
"I have been a customer for many many years, and have always been very satified with Smarthome!"
- - - Jerry, Billings, MT, April 2006
"Smooth transaction everytime. Very pleased."
- - - Jack, Riverside, CA, April 2006
"After years of purchasing from you, there has never been anything but excellent service. Great job."
- - - John, Winter Park, FL, April 2006
" is my favorite website to shop from. I love you guys!"
- - - Eugene, Santa Barbara, CA, April 2006
"Outstanding Service...every time I order."
- - - David, Clackamas, OR, April 2006
"Customer service was great and anxious to help solve my problem. Will definitely recommend Smarthome. All business should follow your model."
- - - E Marcus, Euless, TX, March 2006
"I'm pleased with Smarthome. Been using your products for 10 years, I believe. I've recommended you to friends with similar home automation needs. Keep up the good work."
- - - Michael, Frankfort, IL, March 2006
"I've continued to by all my home automation products from you over the years because of the GREAT customer service! Always friendly, helpful and flexible!"
- - - Kenneth, Austin, TX, March 2006
"Smarthome is by far, the most professional and customer friendly business, I have ever shopped with on the internet. A "
- - - Dennis, Keller, TX, March 2006
"Thanks SmartHome! I have purchased and installed too many things to list, from your store, at a friend's house during a complete renovation and now he can say he really has a "Smart Home". My house is next ! Keep up the excellent selection and service, security products and home automation. From an NYPD Detective, you are my number one choice, Thanks!"
- - - Luis, South Ozone Park, NY, February 2006
"Just what I needed. Worked as advertised. One additional comment - you guys have great products, at good prices and your web site is easy to use and navigate - it also makes it very easy to order from you. I've never had any problems with your products or services. Thanks!!"
- - - David, Woodstock, GA, February 2006
"Great website - well laid out and easy to get information and do searches for the right product. Fast ordering and great delivery."
- - - Patricia, Irwin, PA, February 2006
"The reason why I keep ordering products that you offer is because the quality of service, from the initial order all the way through to the product delivery, has been nothing but exemplary. This is why I will continue to patronize and purchase from Smarthome."
- - - Thomas, Albuquerque, NM, February 2006
"Unbeatable customer service!! You people ROCK!!!"
- - - Roberta, North Babylon, NY, January 2006
"I have been buying equipment from Smarthome, for as long as there has been a smarthome. I have never been disappointed in their products or service. In a world where most companies can't spell customer service. Your company is a shining light."
- - - John, Ellicott City, MD, January 2006
"I was very satisfied with doing business at Smarthome and will purchase again and would recommend Smarthome to my friends.Continue the good work .Thank you"
- - - Nick, New Hyde Park, NY, January 2006
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