Customer Testimonials from 2003


Week of 12-1-03 
Dear Smarthome -

Wanted to let you know what a great experience I had in dealing with your company today.

I was helped by Robert Van Rhyn at extension 174. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and patient with a complex order that I needed to work out.

When I first found your web site I was thrilled to find all the great products that you offer. Your comprehensive and intuitive site opens up new possibilities for my customers who are looking to make their homes convenient and high tech, and makes me look like an innovative hero. But most importantly the service after the sales has been tremendous. Thanks to your products, thanks to your team, and thanks especially to Mr. Van Rhyn for knowing how to make customers feel special!

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!


Richard H - West Hills, CA

Week of 11-10-03 
Being a very young 18 year old male, (born 1936), I must have all the new toys EVEN when I don't understand them. YOUR man , the Irishman, Kevin Mc, in customer service, has made my life much easier and has assured you of having a good customer.

In trying to have the house hold security, and ease you project we have called upon him to ask questions about your products. Kev, this is what I want to do, now what do I do? HIS reply has always EXCEPTIONAL, quick and with real concern for my project.

With folks like KEVIN MC in your corner you shall do well, MY REGARDS AND THANKS TO HIM. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Bob Mc - Nebraska City, NE

Week of 11-3-03 
My comment is in regards to your technical support division. I called your company after calling several dozen other companies and researching via internet for many nights with no prospects for my dilemma. I needed a mechanism related to time operated gates. Specifically, I needed to be able to release chickens in an outside pen automatically every morning.

Your service staff directed me to technical support and I began explaining my dielemma to Mr. Kevin McCormick. WOW this man sharp. Within two minutes he had solved the problem and gave me a list of parts to order with corresponding prices. After the order was received he sent me a fax of the install diagram and he walked me through installation steps. This man truly has added years to my life. I was so stressed with the hen noises in the am waking my neighbors. He was so interested and sympathetic. He dove right in and worked out my problem so quickly. I am truly grateful for his expertise and interest. He made me feel that there are people out there that care. (Especially after all of the tele calls with, "No never herd of such a thing"..."You sure this is real".

I was at the end or my rope when a friendly farmer gave me a tip and directed me to your web site. What a break! I have the highest of praise for Mr. McCormick. I actually was on the verge of tears when he solved the problem in two minutes and stated that I was going to call the pope and suggest he be canonized!

Truly thank you Mr McCormick

Lisa A - Las Vegas, NV

Week of 10-27-03 

What a pleasure it was speaking with you today, and thank you for the promptness in which you returned my call.

I appreciate your assistance and the time you took with me today. Your attention to customer service has made me a repeat Smart Home customer.

Keep up the great work. I appreciate your professionalism.


Richard A - Ballwin, MO

Week of 10-20-03 
Besides working with Smarthome for a few years now, your standing behind your products is only one of the many indications to me that Smarthome is a well run, progressive, and reputable company. Being a vendor, and a Home Automation enthusiast, I am certain to pass that on.

All people I have worked with have been extremely professional.

I would like to take this opportunity to praise Rob Sukhija who has assisted me regularly on the Customer Service line.

Regarding the BoosterLinc, I have one installed, and it does a nice job!

Thanks again for all...

Richard L - New York, NY

Week of 10-13-03 
Dear Kevin,

Thanks again for everything that you have done over the last week to get my Hal2000 up and running using your new Smarthome PowerLinc USB device. I had to let you know the system works about 80% faster in communications with the USB port VS the COM1, COM2 ports with the traditional CM11-A.

It is totally unbelievable!!! I posted my response to the PowerLinc USB device on the Hal website, and soon my own website.... I am recommending to my customers to switch over to it NOW! I hope to be placing additional orders soon.

Once again, it is great to do business with people like you and companies like yours.


Robin P. - Derby, NY

Week of 10-6-03 
Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your technical support staff. A lightning storm a few weeks back left me without X10 coverage throughout my house. Prior to that, I had had 15-20 lamp modules working flawlessly on my system for 6 years. During the past 2 weeks, I have had numerous conversations with your tech services guys as I attempted to restore my X10 operability. (I had replaced several lamp modules and the controller, without improvement, prior to calling them for help). Last night I had my third conversation with Kevin in your tech services group. Kevin and I walked through all the possibilities we could think of when we both hit on the possibility that my coupler/repeater might have been wiped out in the lightning induced power surge. Kevin offered to do some testing on his own system and call me back today. This morning, I disconnected the coupler/repeater and all of my X10 devices are once again responding correctly. It apparently was damaged by the power surge and generating the noise that prevented my devices from properly decoding the X10 signals. Kevin called me back today as promised and confirmed what I had suspected. Can't remember ever having someone in tech support or customer service making a commitment to call me back and ACTUALLY DOING JUST THAT! Thanks to Smarthome for employing guys like Kevin.

Terry S. - St. Louis, MO

Week of 9-29-03 
Dear Sirs,

I would like to thank the technical support group for their helping me with my questions. I have talked to both Jim and Scott today. They did a great job.

David M. - Beaverton, OR

Week of 9-15-03 
Dear Renee -

Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me on this issue. Your customer service skills are top notch. I will be sure to say hi to you in person the next time that I do a will call.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Chris B. - Corona, CA

Week of 9-08-03 

Thank you so much for following through. Already I'm impressed with your company!

Thank you for the follow up. Have a great day!


Rick A. - Elmont, NY

Week of 8-04-03 
This is not a question. It's a comment from a very pleased customer!

I have a complex X10 system in an older home... filled with anomalies and "missed" signals. I have even installed the Leviton amplifier and bridge. Still there were multiple intermittent failures from one end of my 4,000 sq. ft. house to the other.

I purchased the new Boosterlinc, #4827. What a needed product this is! It did the trick completely. I placed it halfway between the transmitter and the rest of the house, with instant 100% results. Why didn't someone do this before now? A "repeater-sender-amplifier" is one of the most obvious helps to X10 technology... one that ordinary consumers can plug in anywhere... no installation.. and I found it at Smarthome.

A great product. Thank you!

Lee C. - San Diego, CA

Week of 6-02-03 
Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your prompt, courteous, and helpful responses. It is nice to work with a company that makes customer service a priority.


Owen W. - Stanardsville, VA

Week of 5-26-03 

I can't say I'm surprised, but I do greatly appreciate your time and attention. You truly embody what customer service is supposed to be, and it has left an impression on me about your company.

Thanks Again.


Brian H. - Columbia, MD

Week of 5-19-03 

Your customer service has been OUTSTANDING! Thank youso much for all of your help. I will definitely keepSmarthome in mind when I am purchasing upgrades forour house. Thank you again for your perserverance.


Renee D. - Temecula, CA

Week of 5-12-03 
Hello Lisa:

Thank you for your prompt reply. Please know thatyour outstanding customer service is much appreciated(and that it does count).

You guys are great.

Thanks again.

Thao D. - San Jose, CA

Week of 5-5-03 

I just wanted to tell you that I received the gift certificate today and was quite impressed with the extra attention and creativity you gave. Thanks so much. I look forward to having the kids give it to daddy tomorrow.

Molly L. - Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Week of 4-28-03 

Thank you once again, you have saved us a great deal of money which a new business starting out really needs. I look forward to doing more business with you and smarthome. Have a great evening.

Nancy T. - Covingtion KY

Week of 4-21-03 

My wife and I were on the way into the car when UPS drove up with the package. I would like to thank you very much for your assistance and in particular this last email.I have been a long time customer of SmartHome and will continue to be one thanks to customer service people like you You deserve a raise for your efforts and I thank you once again!


Ron M. - Plano, TX

Week of 4-14-03 

Thank you for your assistance in helping me process my return. It was handled very quickly and in a professional manner. I will be sure to spread a wonderful word about Smarthome's support team!


Richard B. - San Diego, CA

Week of 3-24-03 
I have just received my auction item via UPS and would like to thank you for your speedy, efficient service and would have no hesitation on recommending you or using you again.

Bob G. - East Sussex, U.K.

Week of 3-17-03 
Dear Smarthome,

Thank you for those instructions. They worked great. Now the switch is fully programmed and everything is operating smoothly. The support has been great on this issue and the help on the web site got me through a 3-way switch install like I had been doing themfor years. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again,

Bob D. - Franklin Park, IL

Week of 3-10-03 
(Regarding the Bark Free)

Greatest product of all time.... installed and shut that dog up since day 1... unbelieveable .... so simple after all these months of listening to him bark for no reason.... couldn't go outside without setting him off... now not a whimper ..

Thank you,

Paul A. - Indio, CA

Week of 3-03-03 
...I am the first of any of my friends to have any kind of home automation, and when my friends find out I use my mobile cell phone to control lights and appliances, they are blown away. I use X10 equipment, the firecracker interface, and a homebuilt Linux machine that has a webserver running. Through that webserver, I connect from my cell phone via a WAP interface to control the firecracker device. People want to be able to do stuff like that! It just hasn't become mainstream yet.

Let me know if you guys ever have an IPO :-)

Chris T. - Dallas, TX

Week of 2-24-03 
Hi Scott -

No more questions; the case can be closed. I wanted you to know that I just purchased a full setup at, including a 3-input modulator, the IR-over-coax kit you mentioned, a DC-passing splitter, a power block, and a few other miscellaneous goodies.

So, thanks for your help - I couldn't have done it without you.

Bob E. - Fort Collins, CO

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