Terk VR-1 TV Volume Regulator

Terk VR-1 TV Volume Regulator

Stop Loud Commercials and Annoying Volume Changes
  • Connect and forget - once installed, no further action is needed
  • Compact, low profile design can be installed out-of-sight
  • Easily connects between your TV and A/V devices using standard audio cables



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  • With so many loud commercials, it's no wonder people change the volume on their TV up to 8 times an hour. But now you can put an end to all that with the TV Volume Regulator. This easy-to-install device regulates volume and delivers consistent audio level through abnormally loud or quiet scenes in a movie, when commercials come on, while channel surfing, or when switching between A/V devices. Simply hook it up once, adjust the volume to your preferred level, and the TV Volume Regulator does the rest. No further adjustments are needed.

    How It Works
    The TV Volume Regulator features advanced digital signal processing that automatically adjusts the sound level from your A/V devices without introducing additional noise .It enables real-time re-mastering and provides consistent loudness and sound quality, by signal-sampling thousands of times per second. With a reaction time of only .002 seconds, even sudden loud noises and sound effects are adjusted. It also features noise reduction technology minimizes "hiss " present in audio, providing clearer, more audible sound during whispers or quiet scenes.

    Fast, Easy Hook-Up
    It easily hooks up using standard RCA (red and white) audio cables between any A/V device (a set-top box like a satellite receiver, cable box, or VCR) and your TV. Once installed, it operates automatically — no further adjustments are needed.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Terk
    Manufacturer Product No.: VR-1
    Impedance: 20K ohms
    Input signal range: 0 to 4.6V peak to peak
    Output impedance: 600 ohms
    Ouput signal range: 0 to 2.8V peak to peak
    Power requirements: 9 volts DC 200 mA
    Processing type: Multiband dynamics
    Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
    Normalization: 34dB
    Dimensions: 3" (L) x 7.25" (W) x 11" (H)
    Weight: 0.8 lbs.

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    Review of 7848T Review by DEAN
    Review of 7848T

    So far it seems to be working very good. We have noticed excellent volume control during commercials. We feel the product is working as advertised.

    Posted on 4/4/2014

    Review of 7848T Review by Consumer #1
    Review of 7848T

    All I have to say is I'm glad i red most of the reviews, as we all should... I have decided to not make the purchase. Thanks reviewers.

    Posted on 6/30/2012

    Review of 7848T Review by West Coast Reviewer
    Review of 7848T

    Looks like the advertiser of this product is monitoring all the reviews. After each BAD review amazingly a GOOD review appears claiming just how easy a 15 year old can install the device right after a complaint about how difficult it was. The charade continues after every BAD review this tells me the product stinks and isn't worth buying. There are way too many BAD reviews making this look like a 50/50 split which is unheard of. Either it's BAD or GOOD there can never be a 50/50 split like this review claims to have. MY advice don't buy it.

    Posted on 11/26/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by CHARLES
    Review of 7848T

    I received it very quickly and it was easy to install and works perfectly

    Posted on 11/13/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by JOHN
    Review of 7848T

    It does work to a large degree, but sometimes if the incoming volume is very high, there's an annoying pop before it cuts the volume. I do prefer the pop to absurd music screaming at me though.

    Posted on 11/3/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by DOUGLAS
    Review of 7848T

    It does work, but the volume often will decrease, and sometimes there is a snapping sound as it does so. At least we no longer get the obnoxious loud volume of commercials.

    Posted on 11/2/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by Paul
    Review of 7848T

    Save your money. I've purchased and tried to return two of these-customer service practically nil-device #1 worked a little bit for about two months, then crapped out. 2nd one did NOTHING!

    Posted on 10/18/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by richard ebbole
    Review of 7848T

    doen absolutely nothing...fake. save your money.

    Posted on 3/8/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by PLAMEN
    Review of 7848T

    This little thing saved my life. It works like a charm and there are no more annoying loud commercials or music themes. Unfortunately it does not come in HDMI sound version. That would have being the best.

    Posted on 2/27/2011

    Review of 7848T Review by ROBERT
    Review of 7848T

    Installed on TV per your instructions, it did absolutely nothing. I tried to figure this thing out but with no success.Filed away in closet as an experience that went wrong.If you know what I could do to make this thing work please let me know.

    Posted on 2/17/2011

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