Terk LF-30S Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System

Transmit TV Signals Throughout Your Home Without Wires
  • Enjoy your home entertainment center anywhere in the house, remotely
  • Change channels or inputs from the second location using your existing remote control
  • Turn any camcorder into a wireless baby monitoring system
  • No wires or cables needed for transmission process



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  • Imagine having your satellite receiver, DVR, or DVD player in one room, and the ability to watch them in another room without running wires; or even listen to your MP3 collection on a pair of powered speakers in another room? You can do just that with the Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System. It even allows you to use the remote control from the other room, so you can actually change the channels on your satellite receiver without having to walk to the main TV room.

    The Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System easily installs, requiring no tools or complicated (or expensive) cable installation. By transmitting across the 2.4GHz frequency band, it gives you the clearest signal with up to a 150 foot range. Transmitted signals penetrate walls, doors, ceilings and floors without any interference. Multiple transmission channels allow you to select the best signal possible, as well as eliminate interference with other household products that may also use 2.4GHz technology. The Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System features standard F-connectors and RCA jacks, for connection to any type of TV, new or old. It's like getting a wireless transmission system and a separate RF modulator for the price of one product. Per the manufacturer, the unit only works with its included IR emitter. Want to watch in multiple rooms at once? Add an Extra Receiver, (sold separately), and you'll be able to watch in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the garage!

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Terk
    Manufacturer Product No. LF-30S
    Connectors 4712417430054
    Dimensions F-Connects and RCA Jacks
    Range 150 feet
    Channels 4
    Operating Frequencies Channel A: 2.413Ghz

    Channel B: 2.431Ghz

    Channel C: 2.45 Ghz

    Channel D: 2.468 Ghz
    Channel Bandwidth 18 Mhz

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    review of terk audio video transmitter Review by samson
    review of terk audio video transmitter

    I couldn't get this to work. Tried on all a, b, c , d channels and made sure I kept the the transmitter and receiver on the same channel. Instructions are very poorly writte en. My transmitting receiver was downstairs and my receiving receiver was upstairs. I couldn't get it to even come close to transmitting a receiver. I would not recommend and would not have given this product even a one star rating , but this was the lowest score I could give. Plan to return this product to the store and will call the satellite company to install another line for this tv. Not worth the headaches. Also I bought this at Best Buy where it costs 109 dollars.

    Posted on 9/27/2015

    Purchasing second one Review by Lisa
    Purchasing second one

    Been working great for 12 years until today. Stopped working. Would get times where the static was strong but having to cross over kitchens so always blamed the kitchen appliances.

    Posted on 4/12/2015

    Seems backwards Review by TahoeBeckey
    Seems backwards

    I don't understand why this was made with the coax in & output both on the receiver. The specifications say it is supposed to be able to transmit from a cable or antenna input, but there is no where to hook either one up on the transmitter. We don't have a DVD or VCR player where our antenna has the strongest signal so we had to buy DVD player with coax input in order to output through the red, yellow and white cables to the Terk system. Your advertisement should not miss-lead people into thinking it can handle inputs directly from a coax signal. The system should have a coax input on the transmitter and the coax output on the receiver ? It would be nice of you to offer some sort of adapter / interface for free to those of us who were misled. Other than that the quality is very good and it's easy to install

    Posted on 3/19/2015

    Review of 7656l Review by JOYCE
    Review of 7656l

    Easy to install but hard to use the remote control from the remote site. My TV guy says the IR is too strong for the DVR (???) so the sensor is off to the side. Works sometimes and sometimes not. Very small area where it works at all. Picture is good, though. Only difficulty is with the IR portion if the product.

    Posted on 8/11/2014

    Review of 7656l Review by FlaFyrfyter
    Review of 7656l

    I have had this item for several years now and am only transmitting a signal from an outdoor projector , now that I have cable tv installed in the neighborhood / home I do not understand why this was made with the coax in & output both on the receiver , Maybe should've had the coax input on the transmitter and the coax output on the receiver ?

    Posted on 7/21/2014

    Review of 7656l Review by JOSEPH
    Review of 7656l

    Really works great. Now I can watch my recorded show from my living room DVR to my bedroom tv.

    Posted on 1/19/2014

    Review of 7656l Review by PAUL
    Review of 7656l

    Fast shipping. Item received per advertised.Nice doing business with you.

    Posted on 12/22/2013

    Review of 7656l Review by DOWLEN
    Review of 7656l

    Wonderful service. Everything occurred as promised.

    Posted on 10/24/2013

    Review of 7656l Review by FringeReception
    Review of 7656l

    I am very impressed with my LeapFrog. I use it with a small Haier TV in the front yard or out back on the deck and it even works on different floors.

    Posted on 3/11/2013

    Review of 7656l Review by Robin
    Review of 7656l

    Piece of crap.

    Posted on 1/31/2012

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    • 1x - Leapfrog Transmitter
    • 1 x - Leapfrog Receiver
    • 1x - IR Emitter
    • 1x - 3 foot Coax Cable with F-connectors
    • 2x - AC Adapters
    • 2x - Color-Coded RCA A/V Cables

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