Terk FM50 Pro Indoor Outdoor FM Antenna

Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Maximizes FM Reception
  • Figure-8 pickup pattern captures signals in front and behind equally
  • Ultra-durable weatherproof design
  • Quick and easy installation



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  • Increase your FM reception with the TERK FM Pro Indoor/Outdoor Antenna, which utilizes a patented horizontally polarized, half-wavelength (98MHz), folded dipole design to maximize FM signal reception of even weak and distant stations. The FM Pro's figure-8 pickup pattern captures signals from in front of and behind it with equal strength, allowing optimum positioning for reception of weaker stations as well as stations up to 100 miles away.

    The FM Pro features a patented Dual-Drive ultra-low noise amplifier that can be set to high gain mode to correct for signals that are too weak or bypassed for optimal reception of strong signals. The amplifier is connected directly to the antenna element for the shortest signal path and lowest noise. Installation is fast and easy. This ultra-durable weatherproof indoor/outdoor FM antenna can be installed under the eaves of a roof, on a windowsill, or placed as a rooftop antenna. Its housing can be painted to blend smoothly into its surroundings.

    To insure the highest-quality signal transmission, the Indoor/Outdoor Antenna includes a threaded F-connector for connection to RG6 or RG59 75-ohm coaxial cable (sold separately). The specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Terk
    Manufacturer Product No.: FM50
    Dimensions: 57" W x 2.5" H x 1.25" D
    Reception Pattern: Figure 8
    Frequency Range: 88 to 108MHz
    Amplifier Gain: Switchable 0dB/+11dB
    FM Impedance: 75 ohm (300 ohm with supplied adapter)
    Terminals: Gold-plated 75-ohm "F" connector
    Power Supply: 12V DC 100ma UL listed
    Voltage Regulator: Internal

  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 7744f Review by R. L.
    Review of 7744f

    This FM antenna did very little to improve my FM reception. Disappointed!

    Posted on 8/6/2014

    Review of 7744f Review by ROBERT
    Review of 7744f

    This FM antenna works. We had a "Music On Hold" using a FM tuner with built in extending antenna that drifted in and out of our favorite station. Once we installed this Terk FM50 antenna we have a solid non drifting signal. While the price is more than I would have liked to pay this is the only FM antenna I've found that does the great job that this one does.

    Posted on 7/24/2014

    Review of 7744f Review by GEORGE
    Review of 7744f

    solid antenna. my reception went from spotty to spot-on.

    Posted on 1/10/2014

    Review of 7744f Review by TIMOTHY
    Review of 7744f


    Posted on 9/3/2013

    Review of 7744f Review by NATHAN
    Review of 7744f

    Excellent product, very easy website, timely service, and very nice people. We give them an A+.

    Posted on 8/13/2011

    Review of 7744f Review by NATHAN
    Review of 7744f

    Excellent product quality. We have been living for too long with substandard FM reception (particularly for public radio stations which usually have low power transmitters). I have now installed 5 Terk FM59 Pro's at various locations on soffits and fascias outside our house and our problems are solved. Many thanks for very good technical advice and very prompt delivery.

    Posted on 7/22/2011

    Review of 7744f Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 7744f

    I live in a small valley in eastern Connecticut and have trouble receiving clear radio signals through my bose radio with its wire antenna and decided to find the highest quality amplified antenna that didn't look like an old TV antenna or huge dish. The Terk FM-Pro looks great and is easy to set up but to be honest it didn't work at all. The signal was faint but with the wire antenna we could position it just so that we could hear the station but even with the Terk on the roof ridge fully exposed it didn't do anything. I was very disappointed and would recommend SMARTHOME but not Terk. Smarthome made the return easy and they refunded my money quickly which I really appreciated.

    Posted on 2/27/2007

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    • FM-Pro Indoor/Outdoor FM Antenna
    • Power Injector (to operate Dual-Drive amplifier)
    • 75 ohm-to-300 ohm adapter
    • 75 ohm to 75 ohm twin-lead adapter
    • Mounting hardware

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