Temperature@lert TM-WIFI330 Wi-Fi Edition Temperature/Humidity Sensor Alert


[email protected] TM-WIFI330 Wi-Fi Edition Temperature/Humidity Sensor Alert

Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring to Help Protect your Most Critical Assets
  • Email alerts when the temperature and/or humidity goes out of your defined range
  • WIFI330 base unit supports up to four sensors for cost-effective deployment
  • Communicates wirelessly over Wi-Fi or wired via Ethernet cable
  • Stand-alone operation - no PC required, only requires an operating Wi-Fi or Ethernet network
  • Alerts you when the temperature or humidity returns to your acceptable range, just a peace of mind feature when the readings return to normal


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  • The [email protected] Wi-Fi Edition is an easy to install, easy to use temperature and/or humidity monitoring, and alerting device. It is used to help protect critical environments, products, and materials. The base model supports up to four individual sensors.

    Using your existing Internet infrastructure, the Wi-Fi Edition connects to your wireless or wired network. The device monitors various [email protected] sensors, such as temperature and humidity. The TM-WI-FI330 alerts you via email if the reading exceeds your set limits. This Wi-Fi Edition can accommodate up to four 6' (1.8m) temperature probes. Using the built-in web interface, you can set high and low alarm settings.

    The Wi-Fi Edition easily integrates with other systems via built-in XML feed. The unit runs Linux and can be customized via SSH to push logs out via FTP or meet other requirements.

    Additonal Features
    • Daily status email provides you with the previous day's log of readings including high, low, and average
    • Predrilled flange for easy mounting to most surfaces
    • Supports SSL/TLS and SMTP Authentication
    • Enhanced Security - no software on your computer or enterprise systems

    • Manufacturer: [email protected]
    • Manufacturer Product Number: TM-WI-FI330 (Model [email protected] Wi-Fi Edition)
    • Dimensions: H: 1.21", W: 3.87", L: 7.24"
    • Ethernet: 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet Port with PoE
    • Device Operating Temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
    • Included Power Supply Requirements: 115-240 VAC
    • # of Sensor Ports: 4
    • Pre-calibrated Temperature Sensor Range: -55° C to 125° C (-67° F to 257° F)
    • Temperature Sensor Accuracy: 0°.5&degC Accuracy from -10° C to +85° C
    • Optional Temp/Humidity Sensor Range: -55° C to 125° C (-67° F to 257&degF); 10% to 90% RH @ Operating
    • Temperature
    • Optional Temp/Humidity Sensor Accuracy: 3°% RH Accuracy
    • Standard Sensor Cable Length: 6 feet (1.8 meters)
    • Maximum Sensor Cable Length: 200 feet (30 meters)
    • Network Requirements: Wi-Fi Network (802.11 b/g/n) or Wired Ethernet
    • Wireless: 802.11b/g/n, WPA/WEP security
    • Celsius and Fahrenheit: User Selectable
    • Real Time Temperature Alerts Yes: (email)
    • Alert Frequency (minimum/maximum): 1 minute/9999 minutes
    • Action on Return to Normal: Email
    • Real-Time Temperature Graph: Yes
    • Data Log Format: Text, XML
    • Supports SMTP Authentication: Yes
    • SNMP: Yes
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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    • 1x - WI-FI330 base station
    • 1x - AC power wall adapter (110V/220V)

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