Technical Pro LZ6200 2RU Professional 2-Channel Power Amplifier, 6200 Watts

Technical Pro LZ6200 2RU Professional 2-Channel Power Amplifier, 6200 Watts

Enjoy Powerful Audio Output from a High-Wattage, Premium, Professional Amplifier
  • 6200 watts peak power (1500 Watts @ 2 ohms, 900 Watts @ 4 ohms, 500 Watts @ 8 ohms)
  • Inputs: Balanced XLR, 1/4'', RCA
  • Outputs: Speakon, Banana binding post
  • Dual cooling speed fans
  • Bridge / stereo selector
  • Iridescent blue LED meter - Power, Level & Clipping indicators for each channel



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  • The Technical Pro LZ6200 Amplifier is one of the true workhorses in the pro audio industry. Not only is it versatile with a wide array of inputs and outputs but it can also put on a show that will last all night long. All "L" series amplifiers come with a dual fan cooling system, and have numerous inputs and outputs; including 1/4", RCA, and balanced XLR inputs, along with Speakon and Banana Post outputs, allowing them to handle almost any sort of wire connections you can think of. "L" series amps are Light, Loaded, and Long-Lasting amplifiers that will help you in a large array of instances from that amazing party at the club to that rolling house party for you and your friends at your pad! This amplifier will be your new best friend. It will get you through all those tough gigs without even breaking a sweat.

    his amplifier is one hot unit! But don't worry about overheating! Its two built in cooling fans will keep everything at the optimal temperature. Aligned with industry standards and the professional design expected from Technical Pro this unit is ahead of its class!

    If you've spent any time at all in professional audio, you know the name Technical Pro and what it stands for - incredible performance and sound, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions. And now, Technical Pro offers the same technology in a series of integrated amps and receivers bringing more of what sets Technical Pro apart from all others.

    Unprecedented Security
    Would you ever leave your door to your house unlocked? No you say? How about your door to your car? No again? Well what about your power amplifier which is connected to every inch of your system from your speakers to your mixer to your audio sources? Well, that's where you would probably be saying "I would if I could but I cant so I wont" - tThe time for change has arrived. The "L" series amplifiers are all equipped with Key Lock innovation, which will allow you to "Lock Down" your amplifier so no one can meddle of break your equipment.

    Power Amplifier Lies Part 1
    Most people use the logic that if 100 Watts is loud, then 200 Watts must be twice as loud - this is a complete lie! If you want your total sound output to be twice as loud, you'd need ten times the output power and one insane stockpile of loudspeakers. The true difference you get when you buy an amplifier with more power is "Headroom", which means that your amplifier can put out a cleaner, deeper and higher sound without maxing out your resources and punishing your gear into submission. On a side note, when you have an amplifier that gives you this added power you also have your speakers working more cohesively with your system, which equals a knock out performance that anyone would envy!

    Power Amplifier Lies Part 2
    "If I use too big a power amp, I'll blow my speakers." Most high-quality loudspeakers are more than able to handle a ton of power and have special protective circuitry in their crossover networks to prevent such a thing like blowouts from happening. While it is possible to "blow" a low-quality speaker by severely overpowering it, the most common speaker failure is typically due to driving an underpowered amplifier into clipping distortion. This type of distortion is every loudspeaker's worst enemy - this ultra-clean power amplifier is the solution.

    Can One Ever Have Too Much Power?
    Each person is different in his or her situation. Depending on what you plan on doing with your equipment, is how you should come to the conclusion of what you want. For example, if you were rocking an outdoor concert you would need more power than let's say an indoor wedding. As a general rule, if you can perform comfortably with a pair of 12 to 15 inch speakers, then one "L" Series Amp should suffice. But if you decide to add a pair of subwoofers you would probably need to add another amplifier to help rock out the house!

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Technical Pro
    Manufacturer Product No. LZ6200
    UPC 859789006914
    Power Rating
    • 6200 Watts peak power
    • 1500 Watts @ 2 ohms
    • 900 Watts @ 4 ohms
    • 500 Watts @ 8 ohms
    Inputs Balanced XLR, 1/4'', RCA
    Outputs Speakon, Banana Binding Post
    Voltage 110V
    Dimensions 19''w x 3.5''h x 8''d

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