TCP Inc. 68914F2 Fresh2Ti 14-Watt Odor Eliminating Spring CFL Light Bulb, 4100K

Innovative Odor Eliminating CFL Bulbs Help Save Energy While Creating a Fresher and Healthier Atmosphere
  • Cleans air for 3-years
  • 10,000-hour average life
  • Lasts 13 times longer than comparable incandescent light bulbs
  • World-class phosphor insures high lumen output and excellent lumen maintenance
  • Color temperature is closest to that of incandescent light output
  • Instant start, with flicker free operation
  • Compact size allows bulb to fit anywhere incandescent can
  • Great for hard-to reach spaces since bulb is not replaced as often



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  • The Fresh2Ti CFL is much more than just energy efficient lighting. This revolutionary new product eliminates odors while providing a low cost, low-energy-consuming alternative to inefficient incandescent bulbs. All it takes is a flip of a light switch, and ten minutes later, the Fresh2Ti begins eliminating odors; This makes it perfect for restrooms, closets, workout rooms, garages, basements, barns, kennels, rooms with cat litter boxes, smoking areas, and any other damp-smelling or typically low-air-flow environments. This bulb can also help get rid of odors associated with mold or mildew caused by flood damage. The Fresh2Ti will continue to break down odors for 3 years after installation. Plus, since this bulb features all of the benefits of a typical CFL SpringLamp, it will last an expected 10,000-hours; Saving you hundreds in replacing filters with other deodorizing systems and up to 75% on energy consumption.

    -How it Works-
    The Fresh2Ti Odor Eliminating CFL Bulb uses a harmless chemical reaction created when light emitted from the bulb interacts with the titanium dioxide coating. Through a photocatalytic reaction process, these CFL bulbs expose the titanium dioxide coating to the emitted fluorescent light produced by the bulb. This reaction process causes electrons (negatively charged particle) to be released from the titanium dioxide coating. In place of the released electrons, a positively charged hole is formed. Combining these negative and positive forces allow the creation of the hydroxide radical which acts as an incredibly strong oxidizer (Air Freshener). Odors drifting through the air will come into contact with the positively charged holes, forcing the breakdown of these odors on an atomic level. Ultimately, the oxidizers will breakdown odors into harmless odorless compounds.

    Ideal Applications
    • Gyms or workout rooms
    • Hotel rooms
    • Hospitals
    • Nursing homes
    • Kennels
    • Daycare facility
    • Nursery
    • Childrens bedroom
    • Closets
    • Laundry rooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Garages
    • Barns
    • Tool Sheds
    • Office buildings
    • Bait/Tackle shops
    • Chemical storage room

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer TCP Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No. 68914F2
    UPC 762148184768

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