Tabletop Enclosure for KeypadLinc, White

Insteon Tabletop Enclosure for KeypadLinc, White

Mount Your Insteon KeypadLinc in an Elegant, Portable Tabletop Enclosure
  • Install your Insteon KeypadLinc Dimmer in this elegant enclosure for remote control of your home's lighting from any night stand or table top
  • Once set up, you can unplug and move the controller to any room without losing programming
  • Easy-to-set-up controller base holds any standard-size switch or keypad for remote-control lighting



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  • If you have a complete Insteon network installed in your home to control lighting and appliances remotely, you're already enjoying the convenience of controlling multiple lights and appliances from a single location. With multiple control options, it can be difficult to decide between the beautiful elegance of an Insteon KeypadLinc wall-mounted controller and the convenience of an Insteon ControLinc Tabletop Controller. Get the full advantage of both by installing a KeypadLinc in the Keypad Tabletop Enclosure, an attractive, portable enclosure that allows full use of a KeypadLinc 6- or 8-button keypad while allowing the freedom to place the plug-in controller in any room of your home.

    Note: not compatible with the dual-band KeypadLinc switch.

    Easy Installation
    You don't need to be an electrician to install your Insteon KeypadLinc in the Keypad Tabletop Enclosure. Simply follow the included quick-start guide to connect each wire on your KeypadLinc to the corresponding wire on the included power cord. Wire nuts are included for ease of use. Plug the Keypad Tabletop Enclosure into any non-switched outlet. You'll be able to link the individual keypad buttons to lights or groups of lights in your home for remote control of lights and scenes at the press of a button. Once configured, this portable controller can be unplugged and moved anywhere in your home without losing its programming.

    KeypadLincs & Keypad Tabletop Enclosures Available as Kits
    If you don't have a KeypadLinc ready to install in your Keypad Tabletop Enclosure, you can purchase a kit that includes a KeypadLinc along with the enclosure for your convenience. For the ultimate in personalization and convenience, order the Insteon KeypadLinc Tabletop Controller (ships pre-assembled) with a set of six or eight custom-etched buttons.

    The Keypad Tabletop Enclosure is also available in black.

  • Specifications

    Brand: Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2402WH
    UPC: 689076408240
    Dimensions: 4 1/2" D x 2 1/8" W x 2 1/2" H
    Power: 120V AC, 60Hz

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    Not for use with 2487S Review by John
    Not for use with 2487S

    As others have pointed out, the table top enclosure is too small for use with KeypadLink Switch #2487S. When you call customer service, you are directed to cut the wires on the switch. This is not a viable solution. The table top enclosure seems intended for an earlier, smaller version of the KeypadLink.

    To clarify, it will work fine with the current model dimmable keypads, as they have a shallower footprint. The 2475S is deeper due to the need of a mechanical relay.

    Posted on 1/9/2018

    Quite good, but could be just a touch better Review by Paul
    Quite good, but could be just a touch better

    This box holds a KeypadLinc (2334-222 or similar) - barely. It can take some finessing to get the device installed. I have never tried it with other devices. Here are some tips based on my experience: (1) there isn't room for 6-8 inches of the line cord inside the box, as step 4 instructs. There is barely room for an inch. The box could be a 1/4" deeper to fix this problem. I solved it by pulling as much line cord back out as I could after screwing down the face plate, and then installing the strain relief. (2) to 'Jim' - I had the problem you describe with the strain relief popping out. Try rotating it with needle nose pliers or similar. I found a position, with the two conductors of the line cord "parallel" to the bottom of the enclosure, where this was no longer happened. It might still come loose if I carried the enclosure by the line cord; as I don't plan on doing that, we'll never know. I agree it could be tighter. (3) I used the small orange wirenuts that came with the KeypadLinc, and not the larger, eared tan ones that came with the enclosure. You could also get small wirenuts from a home center; you don't need the large ones they ship for these connections. This is another area where making the box just a touch larger would make installation much easier.

    Posted on 12/5/2016

    Review of 2402WH Review by Jim
    Review of 2402WH

    Poor strain relief. Constantly pops out of case leaving cord wires dangling.
    Too small for a Dualband KeypadLinc Switch.

    Posted on 4/3/2014

    Review of 2402WH Review by biermaem
    Review of 2402WH

    I found out the hard way that the 2487S is 1.7 deep compared to the 2486D that is 1.2 deep. I consider myself very handy but do not get the 2487S to fit right in this enclosure.

    I still think this is a nice setup but would expect that somebody would have mentioned that. This probably explains why you only can buy the assembled version with the 2486D

    Posted on 2/25/2013

    Review of 2402WH Review by THOMAS
    Review of 2402WH

    I use this enclosure, with a SwitchLinc Dimmer, next to the bed.
    It makes controlling the bedroom lights a breeze.

    Posted on 11/8/2012

    Review of 2402WH Review by JAMES
    Review of 2402WH

    Great little box, it was nice to be able to assemble because I was able to connect a lamp to it's switched output with just a little wiring.

    Posted on 3/21/2012

    Review of 2402WH Review by LYLE
    Review of 2402WH

    Easy to assemble. Very handy by side of bed for control of lighting.

    Posted on 2/29/2012

    Review of 2402WH Review by DENNIS
    Review of 2402WH

    This is to add a nightstand switch to the guest room. Works great

    Posted on 2/9/2012

    Review of 2402WH Review by LYLE
    Review of 2402WH

    My wife loves controlling the overhead fan, TV, and lights from the bed side with the KeypadLinc and Tabletop Enclosure. I had to get one for my side also.

    Posted on 2/1/2012

    Review of 2402WH Review by ALBERT
    Review of 2402WH

    Great Product -Easy to install and setup.

    Posted on 12/26/2011

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    • Enclosure lid and base
    • 2 enclosure screws
    • 3 wire nuts
    • Strain relief grommet
    • Power cord
    • Quick-start guide

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