Insteon Power Synching Controller

Create Custom Triggers Based on the Changing State of Any Plug-in Light or Appliance
  • Automatically shut down all your office peripherals when you turn off your computer
  • Have the TV automatically set the room lights when turned on
  • Can be used to provide advanced on/off status for conditional automation logic
  • Create a notification if a critical appliance fails



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  • Imagine converting your every day electronics into automation triggers. Turn a TV into a scene trigger (TV on = dim the lights down 50% and close the drapes) or the simple act of turning off a computer in your home office automatically shuts down power to the printer, modem, router and other electronics - reducing your energy costs. With SynchroLinc it's possible to do all this and more. Just plug whatever you want to be your trigger into the outlet on the SynchroLinc and link it to other Insteon responders in your home.

    Easy Setup
    The SynchroLinc is very easy to setup. Just plug in any lamp or appliance (up to 15 Amps) into SynchroLinc, calibrate it so that it knows when to send the On or Off commands and then link it to any Insteon-compatible receiver (such as a SwitchLinc, LampLinc or ApplianceLinc). Now when you turn the lamp or appliance On and Off, the linked device(s) also turn On and Off instantly.

    How it Works
    In the example below SynchroLinc is detecting power to a TV. When the TV is turned on a command is sent over existing power lines to an ApplianceLinc which has a standard power strip plugged into the controlled outlet at the bottom. The power strip is feeding power to home theater components such as a DVD player and gaming console - this prevents "vampire power suck" from devices that are not in use.
    Note: It is common for home theater electronics to go into a standby mode when turned "off". Using solutions such as the one mentioned above can reduce the amount of power devices use when in standby mode.

    Programmable via HouseLinc Software
    HouseLinc 2 is a powerful tool used primarily to keep track of and program links in all your Insteon devices. It also can unlock certain features otherwise not accessible. In this case HouseLinc 2 allows you to fine tune the settings of SynchroLinc. Here is an example of the properties screen for SynchroLinc within the HouseLinc software (sold separately). Note: final shipping version may differ slightly.
  • General
    Brand: Insteon
    UPC: 813922010688
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Color: White
    Operating Environment: Indoors
    Operating Temperature Range: 32° F - 104° F
    Operating Humidity Range: 0% - 85% relative humidity
    Insteon Features
    Insteon Addresses: 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    Maximum # of Scenes: 1
    Maximum # of Insteon Links (Total of Controller and Responder): 25
    Insteon All-Link Support: Yes
    Insteon Unlink Support: Yes
    Insteon PLC (Powerline Carrier): Yes
    Insteon Powerline Minimum Transmit Strength: 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    Insteon PowerLinc Maximum Sensitivity: 10 mVPP nominal
    Insteon Messages Repeated: Yes
    Input Power Voltage: 120 Volts (+/- 10%)
    Surge Protection: Surge resistant to 250 VAC
    Certification: Safety Tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581)

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    Works Great But.. Review by harley80
    Works Great But..

    Works great. I have my AV receiver plugged into it and when it turns on or off a wall receptacle turns my sub-woofer on and off. Would like to use one to monitor my Koi pond pump status, but it is not supported by HCA (Home Control Automation software)

    Posted on 9/21/2017

    PC Peripheral Control Review by Mike
    PC Peripheral Control

    I'm using this with an ISY to control my monitors and other such attached PC Peripherals.
    I had to write to programs though as my computer would occasionally (when watching movies for instance) drop low enough to trigger an off event.
    so I have one program that turns everything on and stops the off program, and an off program that waits 10 seconds before shutting everything off... simple.

    Posted on 8/11/2017

    Laundry Review by Robert

    I use this item to 1. turn on the laundry exhaust fan when the dryer is running. This cuts way down on the humidity in the laundry room. and 2. to alert me when the dryer is done.

    Posted on 7/22/2017

    Not HUB II Supported Review by Patrick
    Not HUB II Supported

    This device is great in activating other related electronics upon power on of other appliances or devices in the home. As was stated by the other customer the new HUB II does not fully support all of the features in this unit?

    This device also needs to be upgraded to dual band in the future. It would also be great to see this device grow into a multi plug device besides having one plug.

    Posted on 7/24/2015

    Works great but not recognized by the Hub yet Review by Luke
    Works great but not recognized by the Hub yet

    This device works great for me. My only criticism is that the Hub doesn't yet support this device meaning you need to use HouseLinc to configure it or manually configure it. Fortunately, the Hub acts as a modem for HouseLinc so configuring it is easy.

    Hopefully, the Hub will support it in the future.

    Posted on 10/8/2014

    Review of 2423a5 Review by MARK
    Review of 2423a5

    Easy to install, configuring it with the houselinc software was a breeze.

    Posted on 5/11/2014

    Review of 2423a5 Review by LOUIS
    Review of 2423a5

    It does exactly what it says it will do. However, the plug should not be on the bottom since many washer plugs (mine included) are angled and it is almost impossible to plug it in without it using an extension cord. Also, it is tricky to get the watts setting correct with washers cycling through various stages and having pauses. I have an ISY and the ISY programming is what allows me to correct for those issues. ISY also makes it a snap to change the watt and built-in delay settings.

    Posted on 1/15/2014

    Review of 2423a5 Review by JOHN
    Review of 2423a5

    Required the instalation of Access Points. After installing the Access Points the SynchroLinc is working great. Now I am working on an ISY program to optimize my use of the SynchroLinc.

    Posted on 8/24/2013

    Review of 2423a5 Review by BEHROUZ
    Review of 2423a5

    a extension cord with master and controlled outlets worked perfect , i returned this device.

    Posted on 8/19/2013

    Review of 2423a5 Review by HARVEY
    Review of 2423a5

    I love this device. I use it to turn on the lamp in the room with the tv. When the tv comes on (after sunset, and/or before dawn)it detects the power flow & sends the signal to my ISY99 system & the lamp lights. Easy to set up & it matters not if the tv is manually turned on or off, or done by programming.

    Posted on 6/27/2013

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