SwingTIP STP105 Bluetooth Golf Swing Analyzer


SwingTIP STP105 Bluetooth Golf Swing Analyzer

Receive Full Golf Swing Analytics within Seconds of Swinging on Your Mobile Device
  • Provides real-time analysis of golf swing
  • See where game can be improved while playing
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Sends swing analytics to device via Bluetooth
  • Lightweight design won't interfere with swing
  • Used by Masters Champion and golf pro Craig Stadler


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  • Have you ever thought it'd be nice to get real-time analysis of your golf swing without the hassle of a coach or having to video yourself? How about just wishing you could improve your game or figure out why you keep slicing it even though everything feels right? The SwingTIP Bluetooth Golf Swing Analyzer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their golf swing and game. While it is great for use to analyze your own swing it can also greatly enhance your learning curve and experience when used along with a coach. When paired to your Android or iOS device you'll receive instant analysis of your golf swing speed, swing tempo, swing path, club face angle, impact zone on club face (did you hit the sweet spot?), and complete multi-angled view of your swings trajectory. This allows for tweaks on the fly whether you're mid-round or simply swinging away at the driving range. The downloadable Android (4.0+) and iOS (6.0+) app is free in their respective app stores and comes with a SwingTIP account allowing for viewing and analyzing of swing data over time to track improvement. A SwingTIP account will also allow you to review instructional tips and videos from former PGA and NCAA Pro Ray Leach.

    The SwingTIP quickly and easily clips onto your club to provide swing analysis in a matter of seconds. The lightweight device won't interfere with your natural swing as it weighs in at an unnoticeable 29 grams (0.063 lbs) and doesn't require a special club to work. SwingTIP attaches roughly a 1/4" below the club grip and is compatible with standard irons, drivers and woods.

    Shipping Note: This product is currently only available for shipping in the contiguous US.

    SwingTIP Mobile App
    - 3D Swing Analysis (iOS and Android compatible)
    • Examine a photo-exact animation of your swing from three angles (target, front, top)
    • Tag best swings for use as a comparison swing (one for each club-type)
    • See club head impact metrics: club head speed, swing path, club face angle, impact zone, and swing tempo
    • Review tips and practice drill videos from Golf Teacher Ray Leach
    • Track and share your progress with electronic scorecards
    • Wirelessly sync data to a free MySwingTIP.com account to see performance and trend reports

    • - ProView Auto-Video Capture (iOS and Android compatible)
    • With every swing, SwingTIP activates your mobile device's video recorder
    • Record video of your swing from any angle or position to examine body alignment, stance, grip and head movement
    • Smart capture setup tools assist with proper angle and distance
    • Auto-truncates video to capture only necessary footage of the swing from setup to follow-through
    • Forward and reverse playback allows you to easily examine all aspects of the swing
    • Easily share a video with a friend or coach

    • - ProView Power and Plane Analysis (iOS and Android compatible)
    • Instructor-style assessment of swing power and plane across five checkpoints: address, takeaway, top of swing, halfway through downswing and impact
    • Alerts pinpoint strengths and flaws across nine swing aspects: lie angle at address, takeaway, top of backswing plane, downswing plane, power load/backswing length, power store/release point, power at impact, transition and arc of swing
    • Review tips and practice drill videos from Golf Teacher Jeff Ritter

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Mobiplex
    Manufacturer Product No. STP105
    UPC 848730000002
    Sensor Dimensions L 2.1in x W 1.01in x H 0.69in
    Sensor Weight 0.037 lbs (17g)
    Holster Dimensions L 2.1in x W 0.74in x H 0.91in
    Holster Weight 0.026 lbs (12g)
    Connectivity Bluetooth version 2.1 or higher
    Minimum Device Configuration Android phones supporting version 4.0+
    Android tablets supporting version 4.0+
    iPhone and iPod Touch supporting iOS 6.0+
    Available for download on iPad supporting iOS 6.0+
    Certifications FCC part 15
    Operating Conditions Temperature range 10°C to 40°C
    Humidity range 15% to 90% RH
    Storage Conditions Temperature range -20°C to 60°C
    Humidity range 10% to 95% RH
    Waterproof No
    Water-Resistant Yes
    Club Compatibility Standard irons, drivers and woods
    Club Placement 1/4in below hand grip
    Battery Charging Micro-USB port
    Charging Time Up to 4 hours
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    • 1x - SwingTIP wireless Bluetooth sensor
    • 1x - SwingTIP golf club holster with alignment tool
    • 2x - Fitting shim for smaller shafts
    • 1x - Micro-USB charging cable
    • 1x - Quick Start Guide

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