Sunforce Products 81130 12W Solar Attic Vent

Sunforce Products 81130 12W Solar Attic Vent

Reduces Strain on Home Cooling System by Lowering Attic Temperature
  • Pulls hot air out of the attic
  • Reduces dependency on home air conditioning
  • Powered by 12W solar panel
  • Thermal switch automatically activates and de-activates fan
  • Prevents attic mildew and mold by eliminating moist air
  • 850sq ft ventilating capacity



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  • Are you experiencing high electric bills as a result of continuously running the air condition to keep your home cool? Does your home get unbearably hot because you don't have an air conditioning unit? Sunforce Products offers a solution to both of these issues, among others, with the 12W Solar Attic Vent. The Solar Attic Vent is naturally powered by the sun with its 12 watt amorphous solar panel which installs on the roof of a home. Once installed, the built-in fan will suck out hot air from the attic leaving less heat to filter back into the living areas of a home. The resulting effect is reduced attic temperatures which leads to reduced home temperatures and less dependency on home cooling systems. Another benefit to the 12W Solar Attic Vent is that it will prevent mold and mildew from forming in an attic by removing moist, hot air that leads to the growth of each. The Solar Attic Vent has a ventilating capacity of 850 square feet.

    Included with the Solar Attic Vent is a thermal switch which regulates the fans operation when installed (optional). When connected, the thermal switch will automatically shut down the fan when the temperature of the attic is below 64&degF (18&degC) and activate it when the temperature goes above 75&degF (24&degC). If the thermal switch is not installed the fan will automatically run whenever the solar panel receives sunlight regardless of what the attic temperature is.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Sunforce Products
    Manufacturer Product No. 81130
    UPC 787769811305
    Dimensions L 24.8in x W 10.0in x H 20.0in
    Weight 30 lbs
    Solar Panel Wattage 12
    Solar Panel Amorphous
    Fan Size 11in fan blade
    Ventilating Capacity 850sq ft
    Shroud Material ABS plastic
    Rodent Screen Stainless steel mesh
    Flashing Material Steel
    Flashing Size Oversized flashing to prevent leaks
    Flashing Finish Galvanized and powder coated material
    Air Flow in Cubic Feet Per Minute 180
    Motor 12 volts
    Thermal Switch Activates fan at 75°F / 24°C
    De-activates fan at 64°F / 18°C
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
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    • 1x - 12 Watt amorphous solar panel
    • 3x - 11 inch aluminum fan blades
    • 1x - Thermal switch
    • 1x - Oversized steel flashing with ABS plastic shroud
    • 1x - 12 Volt motor
    • 1x - Owner's manual

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