Sunforce Products 45455 30 Foot Tower Kit for the 600 Watt Wind Turbine

Sunforce Products 45455 30 Foot Tower Kit for the 600 Watt Wind Turbine

Extend the Placement of your Wind Turbine to 30 Feet Above the Ground
  • Elevates the location of a Sunforce Products Wind Turbine
  • Designed to withstand forces on the wind generator and tower from high, heavy winds
  • Includes everything needed for installation
  • Fully assembled tower is 29 feet high



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  • The Sunforce Products 45455 30 Foot Tower Kit was designed specifically for your Sunforce Products Wind Turbine. Small increases in average wind speeds result in dramatic increases in energy output of the wind generator. For example, an increase in wind speeds of 10% (9 mph - 10 mph; 4 m/s - 4.5 m/s) results in approximately a 30% increase in the power available from the wind. Therefore, the better the location the better the performance. As a rule, the wind generator should be mounted as high and as far away from obstructions as possible. This will create a clear wind channel. This guy-wire supported tower utilizes lightweight tubing while providing safety and strength. Two people can easily erect this tower in about an hour. Because the wind generator and tower are lightweight, no winches or vehicles are required for installation. The tower includes a simple yet effective tower base and anchoring system, which eliminates the need for a concrete base-pad. Depending on your soil conditions, cement may be necessary for proper anchoring. There are no moving parts in the tower, so maintenance is minimal.

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  • Tower Base
    Lower Guy Cable Wire: 21 ft (6.4 m)
    Upper Guy Cable Wire: 30 ft (9.1 m)
    Guy Wire Attachment Plates
    Cable Clamps (16)
    Cable Thimbles (8)
    Arrowhead Earth Anchor
    Tower Base Earth Spikes
    Earth Anchor Driving Rod
    Tower Tubes: (1) 42 in (1.0 m); (1) 48 in (1.2 m); (4) 72 in (1.8 m)

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