StoreBound LP001SIL The Laundry POD - Platinum

StoreBound LP001SIL The Laundry POD - Platinum

An Environmentally Friendly Washer that Saves Electricity, Water and Money



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  • The Laundry POD was winner of the Best Greener Gadget award and Top Global Innovation GIA award.

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    Manufacturer Product No.LP001SIL
    DimensionsL 14.45in x W 14.02in x H 13.55in
    Weight6.49 lbs
    Pieces of ClothingUp to 10
    Water UsedLess than 3 gallons a load
    Electricity UsedNone
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  • 1x - The Laundry POD - Platinum

    Directions - Washing
  • Place The Laundry POD on a stable surface.
  • Make sure the drain valve on the side of The Laundry POD is closed.
  • Unlatch the lid on top of The Laundry POD.
  • Half fill The Laundry POD with water. Add a small amount of detergent (about 1/5 of what you would normally use).
  • Place up to 10 garments into The Laundry POD. Lock lid and let it soak for a few minutes.
  • Turn the handle slowly for 1-2 minutes for agitation.

  • Open the door on the side of The Laundry POD and aim the hose into a bathtub, sink or water basin. Drain the soapy water by turning the knob on the side of the POD.
  • Watch the water exiting the hose. When the water stops turn the handle quickly to spin the clothes. Do this until the water flow stops.
  • Close the drain valve.
  • Remove the lid and fill The Laundry POD with fresh water until the clothes are submerged.
  • Lock lid in place and turn handle for a minute or two for rinsing.
  • Open the drain valve and drain the water through the hose.

  • Hang the garment on a clothes line or drying rack to dry completely.

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