Steren 516-612BK HDMI High-Speed Cable, 12 Foot

High-Speed Performance for All HDMI-Equipped Devices
  • High-definition multimedia interface cable
  • Compatible with all HDMI-equipped devices
  • High Speed (Category 2) ideal for signals up to 1080p at speeds of 340Mhz
  • Super-flexible satin black PVC outer jacket
  • Fully molded construction
  • UL recognized



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  • The Steren High Speed HDMI 1.3a, Category 2 Cable is a premium grade HDMI cable designed to provide top quality audio and video signals for your home theater system and has been engineered to complement flat screen displays. HDMI is the ideal cable choice for today's HD video equipment. This high performance cable is a 100% certified HDMI cable with an HDMI 1.3a Category 2 rating. This superior cable is capable of handling all of your HD needs today and in the future.

    Ideal for use with:
    Connecting HD-TVs Digital Flat-Panel Displays and Other Components with HDMI Connections to Blu-Ray /HD DVD Digital DVD Players, HDTV Converter Box, HDTV Cable Box, HDTV Satellite Receiver, Digital A/V Receivers and Other Equipment with HDMI Connections.

    Available in the following lengths (each sold separately):
    3 Foot
    6 Foot
    10 Foot
    12 Foot

    HDMI Version 1.3a Capability
    • Maximum signal bandwidth (MHz): 340
    • Maximum TMDS bandwidth (Gbit/s): 10.2
    • Maximum video bandwidth (Gbit/s): 8.16
    • Maximum audio bandwidth (Mbit/s): 36.86
    • Maximum Color Depth (bit/px): 48 (36-bit support is mandatory for Deep Color compatible CE devices with 48-bit support being optional.)
    • Maximum resolution over single link at 24-bit/px: 2560°1600p75 (Maximum resolution is based on CVT-RB blanking which is a VESA standard for non-CRT based displays. Using CVT-RB blanking 1920x1200 would have a video bandwidth of 3.69 Gbit/s and 2560x1600 would have a video bandwidth of 8.12 Gbit/s)
    • Maximum resolution over single link at 30-bit/px:2560°1600p60 (Using CVT-RB blanking would have a video bandwidth of 8.12 Gbit/s)
    • Maximum resolution over single link at 36-bit/px:1920x1200p75 (Using CVT-RB blanking would have a video bandwidth of 7.91 Gbit/s)
    • Maximum resolution over single link at 48-bit/px:1920x1200p60 (Using CVT-RB blanking would have a video bandwidth of 7.39 Gbit/s)

    • HDMI Version 1.3a Features
    • sRGB
    • YCbCr
    • 8 channel LPCM/192 kHz/24-bit audio capability
    • Blu-ray Disc video and audio at full resolution
    • Consumer Electronic Control (CEC)
    • DVD-Audio support
    • Super Audio CD (DSD) support
    • Deep Color
    • xvYCC
    • Auto lip-sync
    • Dolby TrueHD bitstream capable
    • DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
    • Updated list of CEC commands

    • Category 2 - High Speed
      High Speed (or 'category 2') cables have been tested to perform at speeds of 340Mhz, which is the highest bandwidth currently available over an HDMI cable and can successfully handle 1080p signals including those at increased color depths and/or increased refresh rates. High-Speed cables are also able to accommodate higher resolution displays, such as WQXGA cinema monitors (resolution of 2560 x 1600).
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