Steren 506-706 IEEE1394 FireWire 4-Pin to 6-Pin Digital Cable, 6 Foot

Steren 506-706 IEEE1394 FireWire 4-Pin to 6-Pin Digital Cable, 6 Foot

Premium-Grade Digital Cable Minimizes Data Errors
  • Premium-grade IEEE1394 FireWire cables
  • Supports 393Mbps data transfer
  • Hot swappable
  • High-quality cable minimizes data errors



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  • The Steren 506-706 IEEE1394 FireWire 4-Pin to 6-Pin Digital Cable is suitable for connections to high-speed modems, digital and web cameras, digital camcorders, and scanners. It supports 393Mbps data transfer, and comes in a premium-grade cable that minimizes data errors.

    4-Pin Connector
    The 4-pin connector is rectangular in shape, with a small notch or indentation on the bottom edge of the connector shell. A 4-pin connector only carries data, and no power, so it is often found on peripherals that have their own power supplies. This connector type is also commonly found on laptop computers.

    6-Pin Connector
    The 6-pin connector is larger than the 4-pin, and is rectangular-shaped with beveled corners on one end. It has flattened contacts that withstand well the rigors of repeatedly connecting and disconnecting. A 6-pin interface provides DC power in addition to the data signals. These interfaces are often found on devices that can provide power, such as a desktop computer.
    • Reduces crosstalk and EMI/RFI
    • 95% tinned-copper braid shield plus 100% polyester-aluminum foil shield
    • Stranded shielded twisted-pair data
    • Stranded power conductors
    • Gold-plated contacts
    • Nickel-plated shell
    • UL Listed
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