Steelmate USA PTS800MNTB Front and Rear Parking Assist System, 8 Sensors

Vehicle Parking Assist System with Front and Rear Sensors for Increased Efficiency
  • 4 rear sensors
  • 4 front sensors
  • 2 LED displays
  • Front sensors actively monitor while reversing
  • All weather design


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  • The Steelmate USA Front and Rear Parking Assist System with 8 Sensors includes 4 front and 4 rear sensors, two displays (front sensor display, rear sensor display), and active front sensor monitoring during backup stages. The displays show distance of object in feet, with LED and audible beep prompts. The additional front 4 sensors act as an aid while pulling into or out of a tight space and when reversing the 2 front corner sensors will stay on to monitor the vehicles corners.

  • Manufacturer: Steelmate USA
    UPC: 656403900821
    Part #: PTS800MNTB
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    • 4x - Rear sensor
    • 4x - Front sensor
    • 2x - Display
    • 1x - Installation instructions

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