Spring is in the air - and it's time to start getting your home ready for enjoying the yard and the outdoors with family and friends. Smarthome has you covered when it comes to having all the essential items needed for keeping your yard looking its best. We even have controllers that help conserve water consumption for those living in areas of drought with watering restrictions. Don't forget to add some accent lighting to give your yard that special touch or some security lighting to thwart unwanted visitors. Speaking of unwanted visitors, keep the pesky animals and birds away with a pest deterrent. As a final touch, add some outdoor speakers as a great way to enhance the ambiance for you an your guests. Get started now and setp yourself up through the end of summer!

Smartenit EZFlora 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller iWater Wizard 12-Zone Irrigation Controller for iOS IrrigationCaddy Web-Based 10-Zone Sprinkler Controller Cyber-Rain Cloud System, 16-Zone Sprinkler Controller
An 8-zone irrigation unit that controls up to eight sprinkler valves, individually or in program sequences, in response to a single Insteon or X10 command from your PC or a standalone home automation controller. Replace your existing home irrigation controller and pair the iWater Wizard directly to a Bluetooth-compatible iOS device. Once paired with your iPhone or iPad, download the free iWater Wizard app and you're ready to go. Remotely control and schedule an irrigation system from any computer with a web browser. Access your sprinklers from a computer, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or any other web-enabled device. Replace your existing sprinkler controller to save time and money while helping the environment. Typical installations of this system pay for themselves in 1-2 years by creating up to 40% savings on your water bill.

Claber Gemini Metal Hose Cart with Wheels Claber Aquapony Hose Reel with 50 Foot Hose Orbit Outdoor Hose Bib Faucet Lock Claber Impact Jet Pulsating Sprinkler
High quality, industrial size hose cart is the perfect addition to your large garden or patio. Rubber molded wheels allow you to roll it on any type of surface. Holds up to 400 feet of 1/2-inch hose or 300 feet of 5/8-inch hose. Organize your hose and keep your lawn and patio tidy with this hose reel. Made of ABS plastic and rustproof aluminum. Comes fully assembled. Compact and portable and comes with a 50 foot hose. Features a cap for a standard 3/4-inch hose bib or faucet, encompassed by a heavy duty metal casing, and locked together by a brass padlock. Reduces unwanted water use, leaks, waste, and damage. Take advantage of full or partial circular spray patterns from 20° to 360°. Constructed for trouble free performance with ABS, UV stabilized plastic and a double-pronged rustproof ground spike that also ensures stability.

Claber Oasis Self Watering System Claber Basic Drip Irrigation Kit Raindrip Flower, Shrub and Tree Automatic Watering Kit Melnor 4-Valve Digital Aqua Timer Watering System
Completely independent and safe unit with no faucet or electrical connection needed. Equipped with an electronic timer that supports four independent watering programs to water a maximum of 20 plants. Save time, water and money. After an easy installation with your faucet, the in-line drippers offer calibrated irrigation of potted plants, hanging baskets and planter boxes as well as for watering small areas and patios. Save water and keep plants healthy year round with this drip watering kit, designed with the DIY'r in mind. Deliver up to 2 gallons per hour of drip watering for up to 10 plants, via 50 feet of tubing and 10 water feeders. Eliminate over-watering or forgetting to water your lawn. Program up to four zones to water automatically or switch to manual watering. Each zone can be easily programmed providing you with total watering control.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, Indoor Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, Outdoor P3 International Dr. Frog Electronic Moisture Meter Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor
Koubachi is able to advise you about everything your plant needs: water, fertilizer, humidity, temperature and light. Koubachi not only tells you WHEN to care for your plants, but also gives you specific instructions HOW. Never again forget to water, fertilize or mist your plants. Connected to your Wi-Fi network, the sensor informs you in real-time when your plant needs to be taken care of so that you can react before it's too late. Simply insert the unit into the soil and it will alert you when your plant needs water. This friendly little frog will chirp and croak until your plant gets the water it needs. No more guess work or under watering. Award-winning plant sensor sticks into the soil next to your potted or open ground plants, trees or vegetables and monitors the soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity to ensure optimum growth and health.

Claber 8990 Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel Koolatron / Lentek Crius
Rain Barrel
Orbit SunMate 1 Dial Hose Faucet Timer NelsonHigh-Flow Four-Valve Faucet Adaptor Rezimar Smarthome Motion-Sensing Solar Spotlight Gama Sonic Baytown Solar Lamp Post Tricod Inc. Solar Stone Garden Spot Light Master Craft Crackle Glass Solar Light

Smart Solar Kiwi Solar Cascade Solar Powered Sonic Rodent Deterrent Nite Guard Solar Night Predator Light Scarecrow Water Spraying Animal Repeller Bird-B-Gone Plastic Bird Spikes, 6 Foot Channel Vision 8 Inch Rock Speaker, Sand Niles Audio Garden In-Ground Subwoofer ION Audio Bluetooth Patio Planter Speaker

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