Sonin 10300 Multi-Measure Combo PRO Electronic Distance Measuring Tool with Protective Pouch

Sonin 10300 Multi-Measure Combo PRO Electronic Distance Measuring Tool with Protective Pouch

Innovative Tool is Ideal for Anyone that Wants Fast, Easy and Accurate Measurements
  • Measures from 1'6" Up To 60 Feet (18 meters) in single unit mode
  • Measures from 1'6" Up To 250 Feet (75 meters) in dual unit mode with target
  • Displays measurements to the



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  • Get rid of that tape measure! The Sonin 10300 Multi-Measure Combo PRO Electronic Distance Measuring Tool sends out narrow beams of sound waves that "bounce" off solid objects back to the hand-held receiver, giving you the measure of a distance by simply pressing a single button. Talk about ease of measuring. Quickly obtain highly accurate measurements from anywhere, in any situation. No more dragging long tapes around, trying to get them tight, around furniture or up ladders. It also allows you to get the square dimensions of a room by automatically multiplying the width and length of a room!

    Custom electronics and a microprocessor convert elapsed time into a distance measurement and display it on the LCD. (When used with its electronic target, the Combo PRO model uses both sound waves and an infrared beam.) The Laser Targeting Range Finder adds a visible laser to assist the user in locating their target area. It has a built-in calculator to add linear measurements and compute areas and volumes. Intelligent software, improved accuracy and easy-to-understand instructions complete the attractive package.

    Requires Two 9 Volt Batteries (sold separately).

    Additional Features
    • Adds and subtracts linear measurements, area, volumes
    • Measures in Ft/In, M/Cm decimal Ft and Yds
    • Automatic internal temperature compensation
    • Tracking and Validate Modes
    • Multi-lingual Detailed instruction booklet
    • Multi-lingual Quick Reference instruction label
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Accuracy 99.5% +/- 1/4"(1cm)
    • Protective Pouch with Belt Loop
    • Recommended for Indoor or Outdoor Use
    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

    These innovative tools are ideal for anyone who wants fast, easy and accurate measurements:
    Real Estate Agents

    These tools can eliminate a helper, cut big jobs down to size and provide instant results saving you time and money!.

  • Minimum Measurement: 1' 6" / 46 cm
    Max. Measurement: 60' / 18 m
    Works W/Electronic Target (Included): Yes
    Built-in Laser Target: No
    Display: 1/4"
    Max. Measurement w/Electronic Target: 250' / 75 m
    Smart Beam Cone: Yes
    Adds: Yes
    Subtracts: Yes
    Computes Areas & Volumes: Yes
    Units of Measure: ft:in, m, dec.ft, yds
    Tracking & Validate Measurement Modes: Yes
    Measures From Bottom: Yes
    Measures From Top: Yes
    One-Push Measurement: Yes
    Memories: Seven
    Temperature Compensation & Read Out: Yes
    On/Off Switch: Yes
    Multi-Language Instruction Manual: Yes
    Can Be Field-Calibrated: Yes
    Pouch Included: Yes
    One-Year Warranty: Yes
    9V Batt. Req'd.: Two
    Low Battery Warning: Yes
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