Alexa—the brain behind Echo—is built in the cloud, so it is always getting smarter. The more you use Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. And because Echo is always connected, updates are delivered automatically. Alexa voice control is Amazon's version of Siri, where you can talk to the Alexa enabled device, and control and do anything from getting information, to controlling your smarthome. With Echo and certain Insteon product (which can be found here), you can control your home with your voice when you connect the Insteon Hub to the Amazon Echo. With Alexa, you can simply tell "her" to turn an Insteon product on or off, and Amazon's cloud will pass the request to Insteon's cloud, which will then tell your gadgets to react accordingly. You can also tell Alexa to dim a light to a specific percentage, or you can group your gadgets in Amazon's Alexa app, then control them all at once with a single command.

Other Alexa Supported Devices

Amazon Fire TV

With the addition of the Fire TV Stick and voice remote, simply talk and you're ready to go.

Amazon Dot

With the Amazon Dot, it is simply a smaller version of the Echo. Everything that you can do with the Echo, you can do with the Dot.

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap is a battery powered version of the Echo, instead of just talking to the Tap, you have to push a button first before you talk to it to get it to work.

Insteon Hub Required

Make Sure you have everything you need to get up and running with Insteon and Amazon Echo. Integration requires Insteon Hub.

Get your Amazon Echo today and start controlling your home with your voice tomorrow.

Integrate with Amazon Echo, Logitech Harmony, Works with Nest and more with Insteon Hub.

Brand-new to Insteon? Grab a Starter Kit and you'll be talking to your home in no time.

* Integration with Amazon Echo requires Insteon Hub. Not all Insteon Devices support all features; for detailed list of supported Insteon devices and features, see this article.

Control Insteon Devices from your Amazon Echo

With Insteon Hub (2245-222) and Amazon Echo, you can control your Insteon-controlled lights and appliances with your voice.

Setup Insteon Hub and Supported Devices

Step 1 - Installation

Connect your hub to your router and to an outlet using the provided cables.

Step 2 - Download the Insteon App

In the app store or play store, search Insteon for Hub and download the app.

Step 3 - Create an Account

Open the Insteon Insteon app, and click Create New Account.

Create an Insteon Account.

*Username and Password need to be 16 characters or less and only alphanumeric.

Step 4 - Scan QR code

Scan the QR code located on the bottom of your Insteon Hub.

Step 5 - Open the Menu

Click on the drawer icon located in the upper right hand corner.

Step 6 - Add a Device

Click on the Add a Device.

Step 7 - Select the product type

Select the device that you wish to add.

For a list of Echo supported Insteon devices, click Here.

Link Insteon Hub to Amazon Echo

Step 1

Launch the Alexa app and tap the drawer button in the upper left corner.

Step 2

Tap Smart Home.

Step 3

Tap Get More Smart Home Skills.

Step 4

Select Insteon from the list of Smart Home Skills.

Step 5

To connect your Insteon Hub to your Amazon Echo, you will need to enter your Insteon account user name and password. When finished, tap Sign In.

Step 6

After you see confirmation that Alexa has been linked with your Insteon Hub, tap the close button in the upper right corner.

Step 7

After connecting to your account, you will be promted to discover devices.

Step 8

After a few moments, you will see a list of all the insteon devices connected to your Insteon Hub. You can now control these evices from your Amazon Echo.

If you add new Insteon devices at a later date, Echo will automatically search for devices every house. To discover a device more quickly, say Alexa, discover my devices.

Tips on Voice Commands for Alexa

Here are some helpful commands for when communicating with Alexa.

   •   Alexa, turn on the hallway light.
   •   Alexa, dim the living room to 20%.
   •   Alexa, turn on the coffee maker.
   •   Alexa, set the fan to 75%.
   •   Alexa, turn on the outdoor decorations.
   •   Alexa, set the house temperature to 70 degrees.
   •   Alexa, lower the bedroom temperature.

For more useful hints on how to communicate with Alexa, click Here

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