Solectric RC33001 Eco-Light 650 LED Light Fixture

Effecient LED Light Fixture with an Impressive Lifespan Saves Energy and Money
  • Can be powered by solar panel, battery, or 12V AC adapter
  • 36 high brightness LED modules inside the bulb
  • Thick aluminum stamping acts as a heatsink, maximizing life of the LED modules
  • Can be dimmed, doesn't attract insects, and is environmentally safe
  • Has up to an 80,000 hour lifespan


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  • A general use LED light surface mounted fixture from Solectric, the RC33001 delivers efficient lighting and saves both energy and money. This LED light fixture is easy to install and can be used in junction with a solar panel setups because it runs on 12V and 24V DC. Power draw is minimal at only 7 watts of DC power, but outputs 60 watts which is similar to that of an incandescent light. Solectric designed the LED board directly into the fixture which helps to reduce heat. The heavy gauge aluminum housing acts as a giant, high-performance heat-sink to assure up to 80,000 hours of usage comes from the RC33001. Install this light into your boat, RV, and remote "off the grid" locations. Even your home can take advantage of this money and energy saving LED light when using the RC22102 AC Adapter. Just as long as you have a power source be it solar energy or your home's power, you can use this light.

    The Advantages of LED Technology
    • Efficiency: More light per watt than incandescent light bulbs. They are up to 88% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Efficiency remains unaffected by shape and size, unlike fluorescent light bulbs and tubes.
    • Color: Emit light of an intended color without using any color filters as traditional lighting methods need. This is more efficient and can lower initial costs.
    • Size: They can be very small (smaller than 2 mm) and can easily populate printed circuit boards.
    • On/Off Time: Quick and responsive, a typical red indicator LED will achieve full brightness in under a microsecond.
    • Cycling: Ideal for uses subject to frequent on-off cycling, unlike fluorescent lamps that fail faster when cycled often.
    • Dimming: Can easily be dimmed either by pulse-width modulation or by lowering the forward current.
    • Cool Light: Radiate very little heat in the form of IR that can cause damage to sensitive objects or fabrics.
    • Lifetime: Up to 80,000 hours of life, though time to complete failure may be longer. Fluorescent tubes typically are rated at about 10,000 to 15,000 hours. An incandescent light's lifetime is around 1,000-2,000 hours.
    • Shock resistance: Solid state components are difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs which are fragile.
    • Focus: Can be designed to focus its light. Incandescent and fluorescent sources often require an external reflector to collect light and direct it in a usable manner.
    • Mercury-Free: Environmentally friendly and mercury-free, unlike florescent bulbs.
    • Doesn't Attract Insects: Use Cool Light Technology and emit no harmful UV or IR rays. This also means insects are not attracted to LED lights.
    • Lightstrike: LED Lights produce no harmful ultraviolet light. Lightstrike is the term winemakers use when wine has had excessive exposure to ultraviolet light which leads to wine spoilage, giving the wine odd flavors and aromas. Florescent lights produce ultraviolet light which make LED lights the preferred light source for wineries, and for proper wine storage.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Solectric
    Manufacturer Product No. RC33001
    LED Modules 36 High Brightness SMD LEDs
    Input Voltage 12/24 Volt DC
    Power Consumption 7 Watts
    Lumens 650lm
    Color Temperature Daylight White (5500-6000K)
    Beam Angle 120°
    Life Expectancy 80,000 Hours
    Fixture Type Surface Mount
    Dimensions 10.5"D x 1.8"H
    Material Aluminum with Powder Coat Finish, Acrylic Diffuser

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