Solectric RC22001 Day-Light 650 Solar Panel and LED Light Fixture Kit

Solar Panel Lighting Kit Emulates the Characteristics of a Skylight, Requires No Hole In Your Roof
  • Emulates the capabilities of a skylight without having to cut a hole in your roof
  • Dims and brightens with the Sun
  • Uses 100% renewable energy thanks to solar power technology
  • Easy to install and saves energy and money
  • No external power required to function except for solar energy


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  • The Day-Light 650 Solar Panel and LED Light Fixture Kit from Solectric is unique in that it actually emulates the characteristics of a skylight. In the morning, as the Sun rises, the solar panel begins to slowly feed the two LED light fixtures with current. This causes the LEDs to softly light the area reflecting the similar characteristics of a skylight in the early morning of the day. As the day continues onward and gets sunnier outside, the LED light fixtures will increase there brightness up to a color temperature of 6000K, essentially emulating daylight. The LED light fixtures will then dim down as the Sun sets and eventually shuts off once nighttime has arrived. Simply put, the Day-Light 650 Solar Panel and LED Light Fixture Kit acts as a skylight with the benefits of never having to cut a large hole into your roof. The technology implemented within this kit utilizes 100% renewable energy which saves energy and money.

    This kit comes with everything needed to get started and makes a perfect addition to remote, "off the grid" locations and can also be used in an RV, home, cabin, shed, garage, and just about anywhere else you need some light because this kit is all self contained and requires no external power beyond the Sun to fully function. However, this kit can still take advantage of an external power source when used in junction with the Solectric RC22012 AC Adapter. This allows the LED light fixture to turn on and off, acting as a regular light for when there is little to no Sun such as a cloudy-rainy day. Additionally, an optional battery (not included) can also be charged and used in junction with this kit allowing for functionality at night or stormy weather.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Solectric
    Manufacturer Product No. RC22001
    LED Modules 36 High Brightness SMD LEDs
    Input Voltage 12/24 Volt DC
    Power Consumption 7 Watts
    Lumens 650lm
    Color Temperature Daylight White (6000K)
    Beam Angle 120°
    Life Expectancy 80,000 Hours
    Fixture Type Surface Mount
    Dimensions 10.5"D x 1.8"H
    Material Aluminum with Powder Coat Finish, Acrylic Diffuser
    Solar Panel Type 20 Watt STC Mono-Crystalline PV Panel, Aluminum Frame, Tempered Glass, Fully Sealed
    Solar Panel Dimensions 26" x 12" x 1" Inches

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    • 2x - 650 Lumen LED Light Fixtures
    • 1x - PV Solar Panel
    • 1x - 33 Foot 18 AWG Wire
    • 1x - Set of Mounting Brackets with Installation Hardware

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