Benefits of Solar Power


Benefits of Solar Power

Living off the Grid

Environmentalists have long advocated for "living off the grid" -- that is, living in a home powered by the renewable energy of the sun. Environmental benefits aside, a "green" house can make your home more attractive to homebuyers and boost your home's resale price. In the end, you just can't put a price on the future of our planet.

The Benefits

Solar-power products bring convenience, simplicity and flexibility to your life. Most solar products are easy to install and requires no power cables or wiring, adding convenience and safety. For example, solar yard lights are set-it-and-forget-it products; you simply take it out of the box, stick it into the ground, and never worry about it again.

Moreover, solar cells require no moving parts, helping solar-powered devices run silent. Like a hybrid car, having less moving parts means less overall maintenance and thus a longer-lasting product.

Solar Solutions for the Everyman

While most people lack the means for putting up solar panels on their roofs, smaller-scale solutions exist that also reap the economic and environmental benefits of solar power. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or not, solar-powered devices offer a variety of simple and inexpensive options. Below we'll take a look at affordable options that virtually anyone can install and use.

Solar Powered Yard Lights
Solar-Powered LanternsPowered by the sun and requiring no power wires, just stick the waterproof Solar Powered Yard Lights along the walkway to the front door of your house to provide a well-lit and welcome path for your guests. A photo sensor turns the lights on at dusk and off at sunrise, so you only have to flip the switch to "ON" once.
Solar-Powered House Address Lights
Solar Powered Address LightTired of missing important packages and visitors because no one can read your address number after dark? On the wall or on a stake, the Solar-Powered House Address Lights; easily installs with a couple of screws. Light sensors regulate the light and, with just four hours of sunlight, the rechargeable battery will power the sign for three full nights. A detachable solar panel lets you get maximum solar exposure up to eight feet away.
Solar PoweredFloodlight
Solar Powered FloodlightInstall an outdoor motion-detecting floodlight without any professional assistance.The Solar PoweredFloodlight installs easily in minutes. An integrated photocell maximizes battery life by only turning on when dark.
Solar Pool Purifier
Solar Powered Pool PurifierToo much chlorine in your pool can cause health problems. Use the solar pool purifier tokeep your swimming hole healthy and clean by cutting chlorine usage by80 perceent. Drop the device into the water and it will start torelease mineral ions into the water to halt the growth of algae andother microorganisms.
2.4GHz Solar Color Security Camera
2.4GHz Solar Security CameraThe 2.4GHz Solar ColorSecurity Camera wirelessly transmits a video/audio signal. It doesnot require a plug for the camera. The camera extends battery life byonly activating when the camera's motion sensor detects motion.

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