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SmartLinc - INSTEON 2412N Central Controller

Schedule and Control Your INSTEON-Compatible Devices From Your Web-Enabled PC, Phone or PDA
  • The SmartLinc has been discontinued. We recommend upgrading and using the Insteon Hub which has many new features and improved functionality. Be sure to purchase soon as the Insteon Hub is currently offered at an extremely low introductory rate.

    If you are still using SmartLinc, the Quick Start-Guide and Owner's Manual are still available in the MANUALS tab below.



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  • The SmartLinc has been discontinued. We recommend upgrading and using the Insteon Hub which has many new features and improved functionality. Be sure to purchase soon as the Insteon Hub is currently offered at an extremely low introductory rate.

    If you are still using SmartLinc, the Quick Start-Guide and Owner's Manual are still available in the MANUALS tab above.

    SmartLinc is an affordable and flexible web-based controller perfect for controlling light bulbs, wall switches, lamps or appliances, thermostat and many more INSTEON devices. SmartLinc integrates INSTEON technology with any web-enabled device, allowing you to setup and control INSTEON devices from inside your home, in the backyard, at work, in the car or on vacation halfway around the world!

    Ideal At-Home Control
    SmartLinc works in combination with your router and most mobile Wi-Fi or web-enabled devices to control INSTEON devices within your home. Setup only requires a few easy steps to identify your network IP address and then type it into your PC or mobile device. After setup has been completed, you can start linking INSTEON lights and appliances and creating scenes that will make home life more convenient and energy efficient.
    •  Wi-Fi enabled phone or PDA
    •  Wi-Fi router
    •  PC connected to router

    Note: The Linksys Router Model WRT610N Version 1 has been found to be incompatible with the Smartlinc. The more recent version WRT610N Version 2 is compatible with the SmartLinc.

    Away from Home Control
    In much the same way as the At-Home setup works, while you are away from home you can access your INSTEON network using SmartLinc in conjunction with any internet connection or Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • General
    Manufacturer Product No.:2412N
    Patent No.:U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Internal Clock:For real-time clock, 10 years life span
    Network Interface:RJ45 Ethernet (10Mbps)
    User Upgradeable Server Applications:JavaScript, HTML-only
    User-Assigned IP:Supported
    Dynamic DNS:Supported
    Ethernet Port Range Supported:Any of the standard 65k ports
    Warranty:2 years
    Status LED:Blinks on setup, blinks on local traffic
    Ethernet Jack LED:Two Ethernet traffic LEDs on jack, one green, one amber
    Setup Memory:Non-volatile EEPROM
    Web Page Memory:128KB
    User-Updated Pages:Yes, via HTTP
    INSTEON Features
    INSTEON Addresses:1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links:2,016
    INSTEON Powerline Frequency:131.65 KHz
    INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level:10mV
    INSTEON Messages Repeated:Yes
    INSTEON Device Category:0x03
    INSTEON Device Subcategory:0x10
    INSTEON Product Key (IPK):0x000044
    X10 Features
    X10 Addresses Supported:256
    X10 Powerline Frequency:120 KHz
    X10 Minimum Transmit Level:3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    X10 Minimum Receive Level:20mV into 5 Ohms
    X10 Messages Repeated:No
    Operating Conditions:Indoors, 32° F to 104° F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions:4.0" H x 2.5" W x 1.5" D
    Weight:10 oz
    Supply Voltage:120 Volts +/- 10%, 60 Hz, single phase
    Surge Protection:MOV rated for 150 Volts
    Power Plug:3-pin grounded
    Pass-through Outlet:Uncontrolled 3-prong (with ground), 120V, 15A
    Power Consumption:2.11 Watts
    Certification:Safety Tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581)
    Default Application
    Maximum Number of Scenes/Devices:240
    Number of Rooms for Scenes/Devices:15
    Scene/Device Commands Supported:On, Off, Dim, Bright (w/ currently available SmartLinc pages)
    Timer Events Supported:1 On, 1 Off timer per day, per scene/device
    Maximum Number of Timer Events:480 per day (240 On, 240 Off)
    Timer Day of the Week Condition:Supported; select which of 7 days each scene's timer is triggered
    Browsers Supported:All browsers supported via HTML-only pages. JavaScript/AJAX enabled browser for ideal user interface (default)
    *Browsers running on Linux are not currently supported

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    Review of 2412n Review by Had enough
    Review of 2412n

    Bought this product a few years ago. Every few days it loses time and I have to reset it. How ironic, a timer-controller that keeps losing time. Tried calling smarthome a few times to see if a fix was ever produced for this problem. There is, sort of, if you have an android phone or an ipad they have an app which somehow controls the time in the 2412N via the internet. The 2412N time loss problem has been known to smarthome and discussed extensively on forums/blogs so this is no little glitch. I called smarthome again and waited on hold about 1/2 hr while listening to the ongoing chatter of their robo promos and tips..highly irritating. Tried the phone call back option twice...after a few days no call back. Tried chat and discovered from the chat agent the SAME people who designed the 2412N also designed their new hub unit which is a cloud based system. I will not make the same mistake twice and will now avoid smarthome products for any timer/controller needs. It is too bad smarthome use to have better customer service and stood behind their products. BTW the chat agent also commented about the long hold times were due to higher call volumes...or possibly could it be insufficient staffing? I hope smarthome will be able to resolve their poor call handling system. I will continue to buy from smarthome, but avoid insteon products.
    Thanks for reading my posting.

    Posted on 11/3/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by Gary Krohn
    Review of 2412n

    I want my SmartLinc back!!
    My SmartLinc worked flawlessly for 5+ years. When it failed, I discovered that the product had been discontinued - replaced by the Hub.
    OK, new and improved. Right? Wrong!
    The hardware seems fine, but the software has a lot of catching up to do. HouseLinc has great features, but is PC based only. It is OK for creating automated tasks, but you can't run to your computer every time you want to lower the lights when you are sitting on the couch with your iPad in hand.
    My opinion of the iOS app? Some of the worst I have seen in years. I've been using home automation for 25+ year, so I have seen lots of products and software over those years. I expect some difficulties and challenges in them all, but the iOS app for the Insteon Hub is simply not suitable for today's more sophisticated, 'ready-at-your-fingertips' home automation requirements.
    Examples? you ask. Scenes cannot be reliably saved; the app will not automatically rotate, but is fixed in a single portrait mode; devices cannot reliably be edited, such as changing on/off times; the interface is cumbersome, requiring several steps to do a basic task such as turning a device on or off; there is no variation of sunset/sunrise times; and on, and on.
    So, come on Insteon and Smarthome! It's the software that makes or breaks modern home automation products. If you don't improve your software - and do so immediately - you are going to lose out to your competitors.
    So, give me my SmartLinc back - it was fast, easy to set up, simple to use, and had pretty good software. Since it was pure browser-based, it was reliable and user-friendly.
    No so for the current version of the software necessary to make your Hub work.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed on your next version of the iOS app.

    Posted on 10/10/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by Erik
    Review of 2412n

    I have 2 controllers unitsthousands of miles appart that failed at the SAME TIME web interface. There is no reset button. Is this some king of web vulnerability? Self destruct ?
    the interface pings but do not respond to HTTP from several devices that previously worked.

    Posted on 7/27/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by JOHN
    Review of 2412n

    Replacement Smartlinc for a unit which failed after about 18 months. Works perfect.

    Posted on 6/27/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by Frustrated
    Review of 2412n

    Piece of sh!t. That is why it is discounted.
    What a waste of my time and money.
    I had a little setup going and now this POS is causing me
    to rip everything out and I can't put it back together.

    Posted on 6/8/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by BRAD
    Review of 2412n

    I ordered this, and it was discontinued several days later. Unfortunately it was not advertised as being discontinued, as I would have purchased the replacement. It has worked as advertised. It only gets three stars because of marketing.

    Posted on 5/24/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 2412n

    This adds a new dimension to the world of home automation in that now I can control my devices from my android phone, browser or tablet. I am upgrading from X10 to Insteon. One thing missing is the ability to create macros and have them triggered by a remote. For instance: currently in X10 I have a macro which turns on the bedroom light at a low brightness (macro assigned to A8) and then gradually increases until 100% on. Good on the eyes in the morning but only when I want that not every time I turn on the device. Device is assigned A1 so I can turn it on either way. Seems like there isn't any reason this device wouldn't be capable of doing that. Seems like these insteon lamp modules do have an adjustable ramp-on rate so maybe macro wouldn't be required but I don't see how I can utilize that feature with this device and software.

    Posted on 5/22/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by ROBERT
    Review of 2412n

    I am using HouseLinc on a laptop. Once figured out set-up, basic commands straight forward to use. Simple X10 control. Early days, still learning features. Will try out a Tablet app soon.

    Posted on 5/22/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by JOHN
    Review of 2412n

    This product did not keep accurate time and the software would not allow for long/lat settings. Exchanged the product for a 2422 hub which works much better.

    Posted on 5/13/2013

    Review of 2412n Review by Joe
    Review of 2412n

    Excellent product. Mine has worked flawlessly for 2 years now.

    Posted on 5/13/2013

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