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It all starts with the pioneering architects in R&D providing advanced technology solutions such as INSTEON, the first integrated dual-mesh network technology optimized for home management and control. INSTEON simply, affordably and reliably links together core home systems such as lighting, security, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors for remote monitoring and control. home improvement promises to make the lives of millions of homeowners all around the world more convenient, safe and fun, and INSTEON makes it possible now. Sales and Marketing efforts include the licensing of INSTEON to OEM and development partners for integration into todays home control products. The INSTEON Alliance, formed in May of 2005, is a focused community where leading product developers and technologists can collaborate with the creators of INSTEON to influence the development and marketing of INSTEON solutions within the growing electronic home improvement industryINSTEON Alliance members, who range from grass roots developers to design engineers at Fortune 500 companies, develop best-in-class home control networking products using the INSTEON technology protocol.We currently have over 500 developers and expect over 40 partner products to be available in 2006For the latest on our growing developer community through the INSTEON Alliance visit Inaugural INSTEON Developer and Technology Conference will be held in Spring of 2006. Exciting details will be provided shortly.Contact infoFor information on becoming an INSTEON developer please contact:bcusey

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