Smarthome Employees' Gift Recommendations for Women


 Smarthome Employees' Gift Recommendations for Women

Pamper your mom, sister or wife this year with a gift from Smarthome. These products come with the seal of approval from Smarthome employees!

Watch TV or Go Online Anywhere in the House? or the World
Sony 7-Inch LocationFreeTV, Base Station
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"The description says it all!!!! You can watch TV, do email, surf the web site from anywhere in your house or take it with you on a trip and watch it anywhere in the world. If your spouse won't let you have a TV in the bedroom, then this is the next-best thing!" - Rajeev K., Marketing

A Baby Cam Built Into a Cuddly Teddy Bear!
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"It's a great way for parents to really know how their caretaker is with their child." - Linda S., Marketing

Realistic Candles Without Fire? Not Possible Until Now
Enchanted Candle Flicker Candle
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"It's beautiful and very realistic. The image online doesn't do it justice. I can have a candle burning all day & night without worrying about burning my house down!" -Thi N., Marketing

Free-Standing Heated Towel Rack with Five Rails
5 Rail Standing Heated Towel Rack
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"This is something I would buy for my mom or girlfriend." - Mike B., Sales

Make Sure Your Plants are Watered When You're Away
Oasis Automatic Plant Watering System
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"I am always at fault for forgetting to water my plants. Also, it is great for when you travel. You don't have to come back to a home full of dead plants." - Mitch T., Marketing

New Way to Display Digital Photos
5 x 7 MemoryFrame USB Digital Photo Frame
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"Allows you to have all of your pictures with you at work. A great attention-getter!" - Mike N., IT

Aqua Lights Glow Without Fire or Electricity
Candela Rechargeable Aqua Lamps
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"I really like these. They're great for parties and get together." - Thi N., Marketing

Throw Away Your Keys!
Combination Keypad Electronic Deadbolt
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"Unlock your door without keys. Replace your existing deadbolt with this attractive electronic combination lock for the convenience of keyless entry." - Joe D., CEO

Dry Your Hands Quickly and Sanitarily
Automatic Hand Dryers
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"Tired of always changing the handtowels in the bathroom? This towel-free solution dries hands in a more sanitary way, and kids love it. - Nicole S., Customer Service

Push a Button, Not a Vacuum
Red Roomba Robot Vacuum
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This robotic vacuum cleans your floor without your guidance. Just push a button and watch it go!

A Touch-Free Way to Dispense
Soap or Lotion!

Hands-Free Soap/Lotion Dispenser
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"This is perfect for the kitchen, when you need clean hands quickly and often." - Nicole S., Customer Service

Stop Loud Commercials and Annoying Volume Changes
TV Volume Regulator
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"Since we bought the volume regulator, the sound still has lows and highs, but we don't have to constantly adjust the volume when commercials or action scenes come on or in order to hear dialog. It works great." - Robert S., Engineering

Chill Your Wine in Minutes
Rapid Ice Wine Chiller
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"I think this makes a great gift, especially for a housewarming or around the holidays when many people give wine. With this you can chill and enjoy the wine with your guests." - Julie R., Purchasing

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