Smarthome Employees' Gift Recommendations for Men


 Smarthome Employees' Gift Recommendations for Men

Gift Recommendations for Men

Does your dad like new tools? Is your husband a "gadget geek"? Here?s what Smarthome employees had to say about their favorite products for Smarthome men:

Perfect Remote for the Armchair Athlete
8059 Football Universal TV Remote
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"The ULTIMATE gift for the armchair quarterback." Joe D., CEO

Universal Remote, Wireless Browser and Automation Control in One Unit
iPronto Home Control Panel
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"The grand daddy of all remotes. There is no better remote on the market." -Mike P., New Products

Feel Powerful Bass in Music and Movies, Even at Low Volumes!
ButtKicker LFE Kit
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"This kit literally takes you into the feel of the movie, allowing you to experience a sense of realism. This is great for any bonus/great room, or if you are lucky enough to have your own home theater, then hook up a Buttkicker to every chair and enjoy the ride." -Rajeev K., Marketing

Watch TV or Go Online Anywhere in the House? or the World
Sony 7-Inch LocationFreeTV, Base Station
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"The description says it all!!!! You can watch TV, do email, surf the web site from anywhere in your house or take it with you on a trip and watch it anywhere in the world. If your spouse won't let you have a TV in the bedroom, then this is the next-best thing!" -Rajeev K., Marketing

The Longest Lasting Compact Flashlight You'll Find!
4-LED Flashlight
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"My dad likes it." Mike B., Sales

Make Sure Your Plants are Watered When You're Away
Oasis Automatic Plant Watering System
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"I am always at fault for forgetting to water my plants. Also, it is great for when you travel. You don't have to come back to a home full of dead plants." Mitch T., Marketing

Throw Away Your Keys!
Combination Keypad Electronic Deadbolt
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"Everyone in my home and family LOVES this product. If you have a deadbolt in your door, a screwdriver, and 15 minutes, you can use this product. Forget ever needing a house key again!" -Joe, CEO

Harmony Remote Lets You See Movies, Hear Music, or Watch TV With One Touch
15-Device Harmony 676 Sport Remote
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"I love how the Harmony remotes allow easy setup and complete control of the various components - and we now have one remote, not six, on the coffee table." - Mike C., Purchasing

New Way to Display Digital Photos
5 x 7 MemoryFrame USB Digital Photo Frame
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"Allows you to have all of your pictures with you at work. A great attention-getter!" -Mike N., IT

Stop Loud Commercials and Annoying Volume Changes
TV Volume Regulator
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"Since we bought the volume regulator, the sound still has lows and highs, but we don't have to constantly adjust the volume when commercials or action scenes come on or in order to hear dialog. It works great." -Robert S., Engineering

Universal Compression Tool Terminates F, RCA and BNC Fittings
Universal Compression Tool F/RCA & BNC
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"Awesome compression tool, super handy and a huge time saver." -Mike P., New Products

The Flashlight That Will Work When You Need It Most!
Lightwave 4000 High-Intensity LED Flashlight
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"This is the best flashlight I've ever used!" -Garrett S., IT

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