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We've always considered Smarthome a green-friendly company. Our INSTEON technology helps consumers control lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) which in turn controls energy usage and costs. We also offer hundreds of products that save energy like motion sensors and solar powered lights, monitor energy usage like the Kill-A-Watt and the BLUELine Powercost Monitor, and save resources like smart irrigation products and showerheads that use less water.

In February of 2009, we set out to make our offices in Irvine, CA. more energy efficient. Like any individual would do, we first conducted an audit and graphed out our energy usage over the last year. We also let everyone know what we were doing, and began sending out a daily email with our current energy usage versus our goal (beating last year's usage). The great thing in this process was that everyone was a part of the decisions. Ideas for saving energy came organically, and all employees were encouraged to share their ideas - big or small.

We completed the simple tasks right away - all of our copiers and printers had their appropriate "sleep" settings configured so they went into conservation mode when they weren't being used, and we went office to office and gauged the power consumption of items plugged into outlets using the Kill-a-Watt. Items like unused printers, scanners and fax machines were immediately unplugged, and in some cases, removed completely. We also asked employees to halt use of all non-essential electronics and appliances at their desks. We changed all of our break rooms, copy/print rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms and areas with non-essential lighting from switches to occupancy sensors, so lights are never on without someone in the room. Employees who have offices with windows are known to work the majority of the day in natural light rather than turning on overhead lighting. To control our heating and cooling costs, we installed multiple INSTEON Remote Control thermostats, so all of our heating and cooling could be controlled from one central location. Going into the Spring and Summer, we raised our thermostats a few degrees and offered our employees the opportunity to wear casual attire to work to compensate for the warmer temperatures. Lastly, we asked employees to turn off their computers when leaving for the day, and to turn off office lights when the left.

So what has been the result of these changes? Prior to the changes, we were on pace to exceed our electricity budget by 90kWh/day. We are now under our budget by 55kWh/day! With a little bit of focus, we've been able to cut about 1600kWh of electricity from our budget per month, which when we continue for a year, will save 14.4 tons of CO2... the equivalent of removing 2.4 cars from our roads!

Good luck on your quest to cut your energy consumption. We're here for you if you need us!

Your partner in Energy Saving,

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