Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shutoff Valve, 1-inch, 12V DC

Prevent Costly Damage from a Water Leak or Pipe Burst
  • Electric motor offers powered on/off (open/close) control of water flow to your home
  • 1-inch, full port ball valve offers maximum flow for 1-inch plumbing
  • Solid stainless steel, IP67 construction ideal for indoor or outdoor installation
  • 10 second response to go from open to close
  • 1-inch female NPT (National Pipe Thread) taper connections on the valve
  • Ideal for integration with security and home automation systems



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  • Consider this, you are at work, on vacation or anywhere other than your home and the water pipe in your kitchen bursts or the valve under your sink fails and starts leaking everywhere....what are you going to be able to do? Nothing! You will come home and find your cabinets, wood flooring and carpet damaged, not to mention what happens to your drywall when it gets wet. The expensive removal and repairs will run into the thousands of dollars, and don't forget about the time involved to fix everything. With a Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shutoff Valve you can change all of that.

    The Water Shutoff Valve is designed residential and light commercial use, primarily for integration with a home security system such as Elk or a home automation systems such as INSTEON. As an example, you can combine the Water Shutoff Valve with a Power Supply, INSTEON I/O Linc Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface and a INSTEON Water Leak Sensor. When the leak sensor detects water, it can trigger the I/O Linc to automatically activate and instantly close the valve to prevent any further water leakage and damage. By adding multiple sensors, you can monitor leaks throughout your home and immediately shut off the main water supply should water be detected.

    If you have a vacation home or property where you might want to remotely turn the main water supply on and off, add an INSTEON Hub to the scenario as described above and you can remotely control the valve from your smartphone or tablet via the INSTEON for Hub app.

    Note Regarding Lead-Free Certification for use in Potable Water Applications
    There is no mandatory federal requirement for product testing or third-party certification under the Safe Drinking Water Act; however, some entities may require certification. Many states have laws pertaining to the percentage of lead content detected in water passing over a wetted surface for products used in potable water applications. California is one of the entities, as stated above, that is currently the only state that has a Bill requiring certification. We are currently working on obtaining a certification to satisfy this requirement. It should be noted however, that this product is made of stainless steel (not lead), and the manufacturing facility has conducted their own tests which achieved a successful result, falling well below the California safety requirements.

    There are numerous points of potential damage in every home - sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, dishwasher, washing machine, water heater and toilets. With older pipes, weakened connections, valve failures, earthquakes, and many other causes, a minor leak can quickly turn into a big problem. Leaks don't just damage the things you can see, they can result in mold buildup behind walls and can even do damage to structural elements of your home, causing it to deteriorate faster, collapse, and possibly cause injuries to its occupants.

    Use the Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shutoff Valve as part of your whole home automation and security system to maintain a safe, leak-free environment.

    If you have a 3/4-inch main water supply pipe feeding your home, Smarthome also offers a 3/4-inch, 12V DC Electronic Water Shutoff Valve.

    * Note: This device does require a separate power source and a connection to a low voltage relay interface, as described above, for operation - these items are all sold separately. The INSTEON I/O Linc transmits and receives signals via existing powerlines, so if you don't have any Dual-Band INSTEON devices in place, at least one will be required on same electrical circuit as the I/O Linc for INSTEON communication to take place.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Smarthome
    Brand SELECT
    Manufacturer Product No. 70276
    UPC 813922016680
    Valve Size 1-Inch, Full Bore
    Control On/Off
    Max Torque 10Nm
    Angle of Rotation 90°
    Direction of Rotation Double Acting
    Running Time About 7-10s
    Position Indication Visual Indicator
    Manual Override Yes
    Humidity Less than 95%
    Ambient Environment -20° C - 45° C
    Enclosure IP67
    Housing Material ABS (PA-777D)
    Quality Standard ISO 9001
    Connection Cable Connection cable 800mm
    Power Supply Range DC 11-15V
    Working Current Approximately 160°10 mA (DC12V) - will vary slightly based on valve size
    Static Current 10°5 mA
    Max Power 18W

  • 3 Reviews

    Lacking directions Review by jmight
    Lacking directions

    Once this unit was installed, it works great, as hoped for. a little lacking in the install directions, and connecting to sensors, don't overlook the additional need for a 12v DC power supply (not included) the controller does not supply the power.

    Posted on 4/22/2016

    No instructions, lumber spent an hour trying to figure it out gave up. Review by Robert
    No instructions, lumber spent an hour trying to figure it out gave up.

    Completely incomprehensible. Plumber spent an hour gave up. I still have no auto shut off.

    I have been disappointed by Insteon and SMARTHOME too many times.

    Posted on 2/23/2016

    Review of 70276 Review by Bendrix
    Review of 70276

    Very nice valve and easy to setup. I added one of these to my ISY Insteon home automation in less than 10 minutes. Just three wires to hook up. It took my plumber a bit longer to cut the main water line upstream of the pressure vessel, and install the valve, but that went quickly too. A short $350 job. Now, if I get a leak under a sink or behind a toilet or in the utility room, the house water is shut off in under 10 seconds. I've got insurance, but it has a deductible too. One incident and this system is paid for in cash, not to mention the hassle of cleaning up. Nice job Smarthome. I could not be more satisfied with your products and support.

    Posted on 3/25/2014

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