Smarthome Select 6.5 In-Wall Speaker - Rimless Grill (each)

Smarthome Select 6.5 In-Wall Speaker Rimless Grill (Each)

Premium Sound Reproduction Delivering a Professional Home Theater Finish
  • 1 speaker included, perfect as a center channel speaker or as part of a surround sound sytem
  • 60 Watts RMS / 120 Watts Max audio output
  • 6.5-inch polypropylene co-polymer woofer
  • 1 pivoting silk dome, liquid cooled tweeter with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil
  • Inludes 2 grilles, one square and one round, ideal for in wall and in ceiling applications
  • Rimless grille attaches to the speaker magnetically for a clean, low profile finish



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  • The Smarthome SELECT 6.5-Inch Speaker with Rimless Grille is the next evolution of the original Smarthome SELECT 6-Inch In-Ceiling Speaker. Just like the original, this speaker has been manufactured to meet our customers' need for exceptional sound, high-quality construction, and ultimate value, representing everything that a great speaker should be. It creates a dramatically rich sound stage with crisp vocals, smooth mid-range, and deep resounding bass that is beyond compare. With upgraded features that include a larger woofer, larger tweeter, rimless grille, and a near flush magnetic mount, you will enjoy the same premium sound with a seamless, professional finish to your installation. Inludes 10 grilles, five square and five round, ideal for in wall and in ceiling applications.

    Rimless Grille

    What really makes this product a star is the rimless grille. Other in-ceiling speakers typically feature a grille with a wide unsightly rim, a grille that can often be easily dented when being forced into place, and is usually domed and sticking out from the ceiling. These speakers install using simple twist-lock brackets, so there is no installation ring required. Then the rimless grille can be installed, using the latest and greatest technology. As the name implies, it has almost no visible rim around the edge (less than 1/8"), it simply snaps into place magnetically to the speaker and sits virtually flush with your ceiling. The grille also has a sealed back cover that protects the speaker and crossover from dust and moisture, and it can be painted to match the texture and color of your ceilings - so you end up with a quick, clean, professional finish to your home theater / audio system every time.

    Plenty of Power

    with a heavy duty 6.5-inch polypropylene co-polymer woofer rated at 60 Watts RMS (continuous use) and 100 Watts Max (quick use) that features an open-slope 6dB/per octave with impedance compensation network and 18 gauge low resistance-high damp coils, this speaker will fill your listening areas with all the audio you can handle.

    Directional Sound

    with any home theater system it is important to diect the sound where it's needed the most. This speaker features a built-in pivoting tweeter that offers up to 15 degrees of rotation in any forward facing direction. So whether you have a large area or a small area you can send the mid to high end frequencies to the sweet spot of your room for optimal listening pleasure.

    Liquid Cooled Silk Dome Tweeter

    Most speakers of this size use 1/2" or 3/4" tweeters that can deliver less-than-optimal response in the high-frequency range. We have added a huge 1" neo-driven pivoting silk dome tweeter to this speaker that is not only very efficient, but it is liquid cooled to ensure proper sound reproduction at high volume levels for extended periods of time, allowing you to enjoy your music at any volume level you wish for as long as you please.

    High Fidelity

    It takes the right components to produce high-quality reproduction of sound, and this speaker makes it happen. Steep slope acoustically engineered filters for higher efficiency, increased power handling and cleaner output. Impedance compensation networks for greater amplifier compatibility, increased detail, wider soundstage, improved imaging and better depth perception. Mylar film capacitors in-line with by-pass technology for increased detail and transparency. 18 gauge copper wire, high power, low resistance iron core coils and protection networks. Hard-wired NASA grade PC boards for much greater unit-to-unit consistency. Multi-composite polypropylene woofer with bump-down back plate and CCAW voice coils, combining for longer excursion, improved transient response and lower distortion output.

    Quality is a Priority

    extensive testing has been done on all final designs, as well as critical listening and final voicing, to ensure that we are delivering a top grade product that will satisfy even the most demanding audio purists.

  • General
    Manufacturer Smarthome
    Manufacturer Product No. 29179
    UPC 813922017830
    Brand Smarthome SELECT
    Power Handling 60 RMS, 120 watts on program material
    Woofer 6.5Polypropylene Co-polymer, bump-down backplate, copper clad alum wire CCAW voicecoil
    Woofer Crossover Open-slope 6dB/octave crossover, 18 guage, low resistance high damp coils
    Tweeter 1" pivoting, neo-driven, silk dome, liquid cooled tweeter
    Tweeter Crossover 12 dB/octave, 20 guage coil protection system
    Frequency Response 47- 20kHz, +/- 3dB in typical inwall/ceiling enclosure
    Sensitivity 87dB @ 1 meter w/2.83 volt input
    Nominal Impedance 8ohms
    Baffle Ultra low diffraction, ultra wide dispersion
    Grill (1) round + (1) square rimless, securely attached by 20 equally spaced neodymium magnets
    Dimensions 9.25 " outside diameter, cutout dimension: 8.25"
    Weight(approx.) 4.6 lbs each
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    • 1x - 6.5 In-Wall Speaker
    • 2x - Rimless Grille(round & square)

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