Smartenit EZX10RF INSTEON / X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver

Smartenit EZX10RF Insteon / X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver

Allow X10 RF Devices to Communicate with Insteon Devices
  • Receiver / transmitter rebroadcast X10 and INSTEON signals over your power lines
  • Simple plug-in installation
  • Supported by home automation software


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  • This is the first transceiver to receive X10 RF codes and convert them to INSTEON commands. Now you can use any number of X10 transmitters, such as remote controls, motion sensors, driveway alerts, panic buttons, moisture alarms, etc. to trigger an ultra-reliable INSTEON command. Unique codes utilized by multiple devices are "learned" by the EZX10RF such that their activation can trigger individual INSTEON commands or group commands resulting in INSTEON scenes. The EZX10RF can be programmed via the powerline thanks to its built in powerline interface. No external controller or software is necessary.

    While basic functions can be programmed manually, advanced functionality can be programmed with the EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway (SKU 31279). If you already have a central automation controller or a software package for your INSTEON network that doesn't have the correct parameters to program the advanced functionality of this device, you can download the free Smartenit Utility Suite which works in conjunction with an INSTEON USB Powerlinc Modem (SKU 2412U), Dual-Band INSTEON USB Powerlinc Modem (SKU 2413U) or Dual-Band INSTEON Serial Interface PowerLinc Modem (SKU 2413S).

    Blends the X10 and INSTEON Worlds
    If you have existing X10 RF devices in your home, now you can integrate them into a reliable INSTEON network. The EZX10RF can receive RF signals from up to 200 feet away and will rebroadcast the signals on your power lines. It decodes all 256 X10 house/unit signals, any of which can be filtered out if you desire. X10 RF codes can be transmitted as X10 powerline commands or the internal translator can convert the signal to INSTEON commands.

    Use X10 and INSTEON Interchangeably in Your Home
    Now you can use an X10 handheld remote to trigger the EZX10RF to turn on your porch light via INSTEON as you approach the front door. Or you can use an outdoor X10 motion sensor in the garden to trigger an INSTEON scene that turns on your landscape lighting and water features.

    Status LED
    Get a visual indication when the INSTEON / X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver is sending or receiving INSTEON signals.

    INSTEON Compatible
    The INSTEON/X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver is fully INSTEON compatible. INSTEON is a powerful home-control networking technology. INSTEON messages are transmitted throughout your home both wirelessly and through the home's existing wiring. All INSTEON messages are confirmed and repeated by INSTEON devices in the network, contributing to the outstanding reliability and performance of INSTEON products. Like most INSTEON-compatible devices, the EZX10RF acts as a repeater of INSTEON communication, strengthening your network simply by being a part of it.

    X-10 Compatible
    The INSTEON / X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver also works with legacy X10 products. If you have an existing X10 network, the INSTEON / X10 RF Wireless Sensor Receiver works with your X10 products and provides an upgrade path to an INSTEON network.

    Free Utility Software
    Download the free Smartenit Utility Suite software by clicking here.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Smartenit
    Manufacturer Product No.: EZX10RF
    UPC: 793573423139
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Dimensions: 4" x 2 "" x 1" "
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

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    Great Investment if you have many X10 remotes Review by Jason
    Great Investment if you have many X10 remotes

    This device has been a great bridge to allow me to move from X10 to Insteon by allowing me to utilize all 7 or 8 of my existing X10 RF controllers to control Insteon and X10 all in one.

    Posted on 11/25/2015

    Review of 31276 Review by DOUGLAS
    Review of 31276

    not all had the instructions included. this module works with my x10 system but some commands are group signals aka a2, a13 works sending a2.

    Posted on 5/7/2014

    Review of 31276 Review by SJC
    Review of 31276

    Had to replace an older one that the wirelss randomly went out. I tired so many times to set up devices. Kept locking up and several Appliance modules had issues connecting. After 1.5 hours, I finally got it to work...what a pain! Also, the newer version doesn't have a pass through this eats up an entier plug...

    Posted on 11/1/2013

    Review of 31276 Review by RICARDO
    Review of 31276

    Works as advertised but pricey!

    Posted on 9/23/2013

    Review of 31276 Review by HUMBERTO
    Review of 31276

    I was not able to make it work with homeseer.

    Posted on 7/31/2013

    Review of 31276 Review by HENRY
    Review of 31276

    Perfect for those who started with x10 and have a lot of x10 remotes. Which are more useful then any Insteon remotes at present. Something Smarthome should have come out with themselves.

    Posted on 1/16/2013

    Review of 31276 Review by Henry
    Review of 31276

    Works very well so far. Don't know why Smarthome didn't come out with a their version. Seems like a must have if you like your X10 remotes and are adding Insteon controls.

    Posted on 1/15/2013

    Review of 31276 Review by CHARLES E.
    Review of 31276

    Works Very well and as advertised. I wish INSTEON would Repeat X10 signals, but that is another issue not related to this product.The X10 Signals the EZX10RF recieves from my Palm Pads are received from a greater distance, and received without the need for any other Clunky X10 Transmitters. They are then converted to Insteon which is a much more reliable signal, so everything works better. I have phased out 99% of my X10 in favor of a Large Insteon Home Network, however I cannot forsee anything in the pipeline that would allow me to get rid of my Palm Pads(HR12A), so the EZX10RF should be an essential part of my Insteon network for a long time. I just wish Product Designers would quit going out of their way to make things hard. More people would use them if they made it easier. Simple things like making a Usable House Code Dial for the Palm Pad! Very Simple but the current design makes the palm pad only usable for a single X10 House code. Not everyone likes or wants a Remotelinc, and a some of the other Keypadlincs, etc do not control as many individual devices as the Palm Pad does, so all in all their designs are headed in the wrong directions. Not everyone wants just a 6 button Scene Controller. Palm Pad at least gives you 16 easily and should have been functionally designed to give you 256.

    Posted on 9/28/2012

    Review of 31276 Review by MARK
    Review of 31276

    I bought this for one reason, to make my homelink in my car control insteon devices. For that it works perfectly. I was pretty amazed at the range as well. I only gave it 3 stars because the price is WAY too high in my opinion.

    Posted on 6/23/2012

    Review of 31276 Review by STANLEY
    Review of 31276

    This was a replacement for the first unit that didn't work. Prompt and courteous customer service for the exchange. Only disappointment is that the range is very limited - maximum of about 20' yet advertised as much longer range. Still fulfills my requirements.

    Posted on 4/12/2012

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