Smartenit Insteon Compatible Input/Output Controller

Control and Monitor Any Device with INSTEON Commands
  • Easy installation takes only minutes
  • Allows any connected input device to send INSTEON signals
  • Eight outputs lets you control both AC and DC loads with INSTEON commands

Please Note: This unit requires the use of a PowerLinc Modem (PLM) INSTEON Serial Interface and a 12VDC Power Supply, each sold separately. Without these 2 additonal products, the Smartenit EZIO8SA will not work.



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  • The INSTEON-compatible EZIO8SA Input/Output Controller can be used to monitor and control low voltage devices such as contact closures, outdoor lights, appliance relays and alarm systems. The Controller allows virtually any device connected to its inputs to send INSTEON signals. Connect a garage door contact closure to the device and never enter a dark house again. The Controller will activate an INSTEON lighting scene to welcome you home whenever the garage door opens. In addition to lighting control, there are a myriad of conveniences the Controller can provide in your INSTEON network. Have a doorbell ring flash all the lights in your house so you won't miss any important visitors or package deliveries or have a motion detector notify your security system of intruders. The possibilities are endless.

    While basic functions can be programmed manually, advanced functionality can be programmed with the EZSrve, central automation controller. If you already have a central automation controller or a software package for your INSTEON network that doesn't have the correct parameters to program the advanced functionality of this device, you can download the free Smartenit Utility Suite which works in conjunction with an INSTEON Powerlinc Modem (2412U, 2413U or 2413S). If you need PC-free operation for simple timers, the Smartenit Utility Suite also interfaces with the INSTEON Powerlinc Controller.

    Note: This unit requires a PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON Serial Interface and it will also require a 12VDC External Power Supply.

    With up to seven inputs, you can detect and monitor external events, such as a garage door contact closure or a temperature sensor. The eight dry-contact relay outputs allows you to send out preprogrammed INSTEON group commands to any device in your INSTEON network or any device connected to the unit's outputs used to control low voltage 120 Volt AC (up to 3 Amps) or 12 Volt DC loads, such as lights, speed controls for electric fans and alarm systems. The unit must be used in conjunction with the INSTEON-compatible Power Line Modem (PLM) to connect to the INSTEON network.

    Using the contact closure, you can have your EZIO8SA IO Controller notify you when a door opens or closes, adding extra safety and security to your home. From a simple reminder that you left your garage door open at night to preventing burglars opening windows to enter your home, the EZIO8SA can notify you of changes you want to be aware of. You can even use the IO Controller as a burglar alarm interface by wiring the output from your existing security system to this module and when your alarm trips, the controller turn on all the lights inside your home and flash the outdoor lights to scare off the intruder.

    Smart Drapes
    Want to save energy by having your blinds work for you. Use a temperature sensor with your EZIO8SA so that you can send signals when a specific temperature is reached. Have the Controller lower your motorized drapes and turn on the air conditioner when the thermostat hits 75 degrees. Stay cool without moving a finger.

    Hearing Impaired
    Use the EZIO8SA to send different kinds of signals, like flashing lights, to make sure you know what's happening in your home. Whether you are in a location in your home that is far from the doorbell or are hearing impaired, have the IO Controller flash your lights whenever the doorbell rings so you won't miss any important visitors or package deliveries.

    Do More With Software
    The on-board memory allows you to set timers to trigger events on the outputs to last for 1 to 255 minutes and a free software download is available for easy programming. The device can be set-up and operated using the free downloadable Set-up and Configuration Utility. Use a PowerLinc V2 Controller (PLC) to communicate with the EZIO8SA to trigger outputs to go ON or OFF at specific times of the week. Once programmed, the PLC can run unattended without a PC.

    INSTEON Compatible
    The EZIO8SA Controller is fully INSTEON compatible. INSTEON is a powerful, home-control networking technology. INSTEON messages are transmitted throughout your home both wirelessly and through the home's existing wiring. All INSTEON messages are confirmed and repeated by INSTEON devices in the network, contributing to the outstanding reliability and performance of INSTEON products.

    X-10 compatibility
    The EZIO8SA also works with legacy X10 products. If you have an existing X10 network, the Controller works with your X10 products and provides an upgrade path to an INSTEON network.

    Free Utility SoftwareDownload the free Smartenit Utility Suite software by clicking here.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Smartenit
    Manufacturer Product No.: EZIO8SA
    UPC: 793573423115
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Dimensions: 1.0" H x 3.9" W x 3.1" D
    Weight: 5 ounces
    Outputs 8 total, driven by relays, normally open and normally closed contacts available. Rated 3A, 120VAC or 24 VDC.
    Inputs 7 total. Four digital opto-isolated inputs requiring a voltage between 3 and 30 volts to activate on.; Two other inputs may be analog or digital, 0-5VDC max.; Final input is digital input or 1-Wire bus, 0-5VDC max. on its own dedicated connector.
    INSTEON Addresses 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216
    INSTEON Links 256
    INSTEON Powerline Frequency 131.65 KHz
    X10 Primary Address: 1 optional (comes unassigned
    X10 Powerline Frequency: 121 KHz
    Operating Conditions: Indoors, 32 to 122°F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Supply Voltage (PLM): 120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    Surge Protection (PLM): MOV rated for 150 Volts
    Power Plug (PLM): 3-pin grounded
    Pass-through Outlet (PLM): 3-pin grounded
    Controlled Outlet (PLM): 3-pin grounded
    Maximum Amps (PLM): 15 Amps (for resistive loads)
    Certification (PLM): Safety tested for use in USA and Canada
    Warranty: 1 year

  • 10 Reviews

    Smartenit good, Insteon bad Review by Z714X4
    Smartenit good, Insteon bad

    Yep, I should have made phone calls first but I didn't. THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH INSTEON HUB!! It says it will work with Insteon commands... but it doesn't clearly say it will NOT work with the Insteon hub.

    I called Smartenit and they were nice enough to confirm it for me.... that's why 2 stars instead of one.

    I'd really like Insteon or Smartenit or anyone else to come up with a similar product that works with the Insteon Hub!!

    DPDT would make life so much easier for automating almost anything in my house!!

    Posted on 8/9/2017

    Unable to link to ISY99 Review by Robert
    Unable to link to ISY99

    I spent a lot of time trying to get this to work. Eventually contacted Smartenit and was told this EZIO8SA must have a dedicated PLM. Simply having a PLM in your network isn't enough. It's a strange beast - there's no sign of a unique Insteon address anywhere on the device or in the device (yes I opened the casing). I returned it.

    Smarthome reply: Per the product page:
    Please Note: This unit requires the use of a PowerLinc Modem (PLM) INSTEON Serial Interface and a 12VDC Power Supply, each sold separately. Without these 2 additonal products, the Smartenit EZIO8SA will not work.

    Posted on 2/26/2017

    Rock Solid Review by [email protected]
    Rock Solid

    Finally, I/O with dual band. I use this for 2 water flow switches, 1 water shutoff valve, 2 chicken feeder (small deer feeders) capacitive proximity switches (low feed sensors) and 6 outputs to replace Insteon sprinkler controller. So far everything is perfect. Very solid, never misses a signal. Hookup was easy and painless. Insteon really needs to make everything dual-band (I/O Lincs)...the powerline crap is useless.

    Posted on 11/11/2015

    Review of 31273 Review by THOMAS
    Review of 31273

    Smartenit phone support did an outstanding job of assisting me with the setup.

    Posted on 2/24/2013

    Review of 31273 Review by JOHANNES
    Review of 31273

    working well. Make sure you get the complete kit with controller and powersupply, not just the EZIO8SA (which is useless without the controller module)

    Posted on 12/1/2012

    Review of 31273 Review by T
    Review of 31273

    Once I got the latest firmware loaded, it worked great.

    Posted on 11/2/2012

    Review of 31273 Review by K.
    Review of 31273

    Documentation definitely poor for linking to ISY. After searching the web for a while, finally found it needs to be linked manually. Once linked, it works great!

    Posted on 7/13/2012

    Review of 31273 Review by K. LEE
    Review of 31273

    Documentation definitely poor for linking to ISY. After searching the web for a while, finally found it needs to be linked manually. Once linked, it works great!

    Posted on 7/13/2012

    Review of 31273 Review by RANDY
    Review of 31273

    I've yet to get this module to work. Even after exchange. Tech support has not been much help. i get varying stories as to how it should operate. None of which has worked.
    Poor documentation

    Posted on 1/1/2008

    Review of 31273 Review by HOWARD
    Review of 31273

    Outputs work fine but using inputs has proven more challenging. Too soon to say how this one will go.

    Posted on 11/21/2007

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