Smartenit EZ Wireless Sensor Receiver & Dakota Alert Motion Sensor Transmitter

Control Your INSTEON Devices With An Outdoor, Long-Range Motion Detector
  • Compatibility with Dakota Alert products brings wireless RF devices into the INSTEON network
  • Impressive receiver range (600 feet) allows total home coverage
  • Quick and simple installation can have you up and running in minutes
  • Save money with this combo package!



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  • The EZ Wireless Sensor Receiver (EZSnsRF) brings true wireless RF (radio frequency) products into the INSTEON world via compatibility with all Dakota Alert Series 3000 transmitters. This combo mates this RF Receiver with Dakota's Wireless Motion Sensor Transmitter to form a simple-to-install driveway alert system. The device takes RF signals transmitted from any Dakota Alert device-- from driveway alerts to proximity sensors -- to trigger events in your INSTEON network. Set up a driveway alarm that turns on the house lights upon detection of a vehicle or have an alarm activate whenever an intruder trips the motion sensor in the backyard. With support for over 4,000 different wireless devices, you have the flexibility to set up a multitude of sensors in and around your house to keep your home safe.

    While all the basic functions can be programmed manually, there are advanced programming options that you can achieve with the EZSrve, central automation controller. If you already have a central automation controller or a software package for your INSTEON network that doesn't have the correct parameters to program the advanced functionality of this device, you can download the free Smartenit Utility Suite which works in conjunction with an INSTEON Powerlinc Controller. (Note: The Smartenit Utility does not interface with the INSTEON Powerlinc Modem.)

    The high sensitivity receiver boasts outstanding range, up to a maximum of 600 feet (line of sight) to cover any sized house. Moreover, the device can learn the codes of up to 20 distinct wireless devices, allowing you to send INSTEON group commands to a host of lights and appliances in your home. For time delayed events, you can set up timers from 0.5 to 15.5 minutes so you can set the front walkway motion sensor to turn on the porch lights to welcome you home and then turn off after a few minutes.

    The EZSnsRF also acts as a repeater of powerline INSTEON signals, and conveniently contains a pass-through outlet on its face for other AC devices, so you won't lose an outlet when you plug this device in.

    Easy to Install
    EZSnsRF is easy to install and operate and works seamlessly with any Dakota Alert Series 3000 device (transmitters) right out-of-the-box! Simply plug in the unit and with just a few button presses on the device, you be up and going in no time.

    Free Utility Software
    Download the free Smartenit Utility Suite software by clicking here.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Smartenit
    Manufacturer Product No.: EZSNSRF 5010E
    UPC: 79357342312
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Dimensions: 4.0" H x 2.5" W x 1.5" D
    Weight: 5 oz
    Channels: 20 total, each one defaulting to a unique Insteon group number 1-20
    INSTEON Device Links: Up to 256. Each group can have multiple devices
    INSTEON Addresses: 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links: 30
    INSTEON Messages Repeated: Yes
    Operating Temperature Range: Indoors, 32 to 104°F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Supply Voltage: 120 volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    Surge Protection: MOV rated for 150 Volts
    Power Plug: 3-pin grounded
    Pass-through Outlet: 3-pin grounded
    Controlled Outlet: 3-pin grounded
    Maximum Load: 480 Watts
    Maximum Amps: 15 Amps (for resistive loads)
    Safety Certification: Tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581)
    Warranty: 1 Year


    Dakota Alert Product No.: WMT-3000
    Dimensions: 7 1/5" x 5 3/8" x 4 1/2"
    Frequency: 433.92 MHz
    Operating Temperature: -30°F to 110° F
    Transmitter Battery Life: 6 to 12 months
    Reset Time: 15 seconds
    Maximum Number of Transmitters: 4
    Approvals: FCC compliant
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

  • 7 Reviews

    Warning: irresponsible manufacturer - Smartenit Review by Val
    Warning: irresponsible manufacturer - Smartenit

    I had to throw this bundle away (literally). The manufacturer (Smartenit) didn’t want to man up, and rejected a replacement of the faulty unit. Lost my money, time and confidence in the existence of common sense after dealing with Smartenit customer service.

    Posted on 11/28/2014

    Review of 31275k Review by Val
    Review of 31275k

    DO NOT BUY this product. After 2 years of troubleshooting, I realized that this unreliable piece of garbage will never work as one would expect. The manufacturer didn’t respond to my request for an exchange. Smarthome, who is selling these malfunctioning bundles, does not want to take any responsibility for it, and essentially responded with a PFO reply when I asked them to take the faulty product back.

    Posted on 4/23/2014

    Review of 31275k Review by CHARLES E.
    Review of 31275k

    My Rating on this is mixed. I like what it offers, however it is very limited in that only Dakote Sensors work with it, and it doesnt always detect the motion. making it vulnerable as far as a Security Device is concerned. THis is an overly priced item that doesnt live up to its hype! I may try the Driveway Sensor just because I already have money invested in the EZSNSRF, however had I know it wasnt much more then the Cheaper X10 sensors can do , I probably wouldnt infest in it.

    Posted on 9/14/2012

    Review of 31275k Review by Nathan Glaser
    Review of 31275k

    I love this thing. Not the range I was looking for but connecting it to the ISY-99i and placing the receiver in the correct place for both nodes, I now have a very neat network of motion sensors for the outside of my house. I would recommend this product. Directions for linking should be rewritten though. Check out the forums for questions.

    Posted on 12/16/2011

    Review of 31275k Review by ktmrider
    Review of 31275k

    I could never get it to work consistently. Would stop working after a day or so and had to go thru it's 10 complicated step routine to link it up again and the next day, it would not work.

    Posted on 5/10/2011

    Review of 31275k Review by JAMES
    Review of 31275k

    Range seems to be very limited. Set up less than 200' line of sight between transmitter and EZSnsRF receiver and get very intermittent results. Closer helps but not the range advertised. Had an older Dakota alert 10 years ago with it's own receiver and had much better results.

    Posted on 2/24/2010

    Review of 31275k Review by STEWART
    Review of 31275k

    The instructions that come with these units ae sparse ad icomplte. In the case of both of these items I need th support file for houselinc and have not ben able to find them

    Posted on 9/20/2008

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