Smartenit 1010A Surface Mount Liquid Sensor


Smartenit 1010A Surface Mount Liquid Sensor

Early Liquid Damage Water Detection Before Major Damage Is Incurred
  • ZigBee home automation compatible
  • Notify and alarm you before liquid damage occurs
  • Detects liquid damage from leaking pipes or corroded water heaters
  • Can be connected and synced with alarm panels and other monitoring modules
  • Great for room sub-floors, water storage tanks, air conditioners, laundry rooms



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  • Smartenit's 1010A Surface Mount Liquid Sensor connects to an EZIO8SA INSTEON-Compatible Input/Output Controller to detect and alert you to the presence of potentially harmful and damaging aqueous solutions (up to 1/16 inches) in your home before major damage is incurred. When the sensor's moisture bridge is covered and tripped, the connected device (EZIO8SA) will send the signal to the main ZigBee Harmony controller/coordinator which will send an alert notification, or activate another ZigBee or INSTEON devices to turn on or off (closing the main water valve for example). The sensor is great for protecting computer and telephone room sub-floors, water storage tanks, water heater piping, bathrooms, laundry rooms, air conditioners, and refrigerator drip pans.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No. 1010A
    UPC 793573453884
    Operating Voltage (min./max.)5 - 24VDC
    Standby Current (at max. voltage)10 uA
    Alarm Current (max.)400 mA
    Red Wire+5 - 24VDC
    Black Wire- Ground
    Cable Length6 feet
    Manufacturer Warranty1-year limited warranty
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    Contrast Review by Zenzen

    We have a few of these and a few of the WSI1s. It is a case of getting what you pay for. The WSIs are more sensitive and stay put. The 1010A is not inferior, just not as good as I hoped.

    Posted on 2/28/2015

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