Smart Gadgets Inc SF-BM001W Smart Faucet Plastic - White Finish

Smart Gadgets Inc SF-BM001W Smart Faucet Plastic - White Finish

Eliminates Wasted Water from a Running Faucet
  • Saves money, water and energy
  • Can save up to 5,000 gallons of wasted running water per user a year!
  • Applying pressure to the handle releases water when needed
  • Adapter allows it to fit most standard U.S. faucets
  • Hassle free installation



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  • Wasting water is something that just about everyone does regardless of how hard we all try not to. Whether it is leaving the faucet running for a few seconds while you are brushing your teeth or soaping your hands we are probably all guilty of this to some degree. Now extrapolate that out over the course of a year and think about how much water goes down the drain unused. In an effort to help everyone easily save water, as well as money and energy, look no further than Smart Gadget Inc's SF-BM001W Smart Faucet Plastic - White Finish. This product can be installed by a do it yourselfer in a few minutes time to help eliminate up to 100% of a families wasted water at a given faucet. The Smart Faucet has been designed to fit on most standard U.S. faucets and includes an adapter to allow it to work with faucets that have internal female threads.

    The Smart Faucet, once installed, can save as much as 5,000 gallons of wasted water a year, per individual. While on a faucet it will stop water from running until it is absolutely needed and when needed simply apply a little pressure to the Smart Faucet handle. Once the Smart Faucet handle is depressed it will release water and once its user stops applying pressure the water will cease. However, there are always instances in which you may need both hands so with that in mind the Smart Faucet has a continuous flow option. Once the handle is depressed and water is being released simply lock the sliding disk in place on the handle and water will flow continuously until released.

    Along with saving water, money and energy this Smart Faucet also promotes good hygiene. Think about how dirty someone's hands can get over the course of a day and then how many germs are spread onto a faucet handle each time someone touches it. With the Smart Faucet installed those dirty hands never have to touch the faucet handle when it's time to wash and neither do yours which reduces the spread of bacteria. This is just another in a handful of reasons which helps to make the Smart Faucet an ideal product to install in ones home, dorm, recreational vehicle, work area sink, nursing home or school to name a few. The Smart Faucet is also available in a Chrome finish.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Smart Gadgets Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. SF-BM001W
    UPC 094922940728
    Dimensions L 1.5in x W 1.5in x H 5in
    Weight 0.3 lbs
    Water Conservation Capabilities Up to 5,000 gallons a year per individual
    Water Release Apply pressure to Smart Faucet handle
    Continuous Flow Option Yes
    Installation DIY friendly;does not require professional installation
    Finish White plastic
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited on parts and components
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    Review of 31601WH Review by JOHN
    Review of 31601WH

    it works great it helps save water like when shaving brushing teeth

    Posted on 2/7/2014

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    • 1x - Smart Faucet Plastic - White Finish
    • 1x - Adapter for faucets with internal female threads
    • 1x - Instructions
    • 1x - 1 year manufacturer warranty on parts and components

      The Smart Faucet is made to retrofit your current faucet and replace the aerator. Start by removing your existing aerator and insert the Smart Faucet in its place and tighten with your hand. No special tools are required for installation and step by step instructions with images are included with the purchase of the Smart Faucet.

      Once you have installed the Smart Faucet, adjust the faucet valves to your preferred temperature settings and then leave them in place. Now water will be released by applying pressure to the Smart Faucet handle with the back of your hand.

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