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Even with a phase coupler installed, there's still a chance that X10 signals may not get through to all your devices if you have "noisy" or signal-attenuating appliances, such as computers, TVs, refrigerators and uninterruptable power supplies. Fortunately, correcting the problem is exceptionally easy with plug-in filters.
Eliminating Line "Noise"
Noisy appliances introduce interference, or "noise," on your home's electrical wiring. The more noise there is on the electrical lines, the more difficult it is for X10 receivers to detect signals from X10 controllers. Common sources of line noise include refrigerators, freezers, plug-in fluorescent fixtures, aquarium filters, fountains, low-voltage lighting, fans, or anything with a motor.

Fortunately, the problem is incredibly easy to correct with a plug-in filter, like Smarthome's FilterLinc, the first plug-in filter with an unfiltered pass-through outlet that allows you to plug additional items in. Simply plug the FilterLinc into the wall outlet, and plug the noisy device into the outlet on the bottom of the FilterLinc, and it will block the interference from traveling on the electrical wiring. Because FilterLinc has the pass-through outlet, you can plug anything you wish into the face of the FilterLinc — even a lamp module.

Note: A quick way to test if an electrical device is adding interference on the powerline is to unplug the noisy device and test the X10 signal. If you have a signal tester, you can do this directly. If not, and if you are having difficulty getting a receiver to work properly, check to see if the X10 receiver doesn't respond when the noisy appliance is plugged in but begins responding when the offending appliance is unplugged. If so, you need a plug-in filter.
Preventing Signal Absorption
Another common X10 black hole is attributed to signal absorption. Some devices are made with power supplies that are designed to alleviate noise on the AC line. And since they often mistake X10 signals for noise, these devices absorb some or all of an X10 signal, thus defeating it before it arrives at the receiving module. Common sources of signal absorption include:
  • Computer Equipment
  • Televisions (especially big-screen TVs)
  • Audio/Video Gear (cable boxes, satellite receivers, VCRs, etc.)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Power Strips
  • Power Supplies for Laptops and Wireless Phones
But use a plug-in filter, such as the FilterLinc, at the outlet where the signal-absorbing device is plugged in, and you'll prevent this problem from affecting your X10 system.
Other Solutions
In addition to the FilterLinc, there are other noise filters for other applications, including Leviton and HomePro Plug-In Filters and several Hardwired Filters.

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