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Smarthome Summer BBQ: Fire Up The Grill

The garden's groomed, the pool's clean, and the drinks are chilling. All of your detailed preparations are about to pay off as the day of your backyard barbecue dawns. Only a few final steps are necessary to get ready for the most memorable barbecue of the season! Throw the perfect summer BBQ -- Smarthome style!

Serious Tools for the Master Griller

After all your hard work in getting your home ready for your summer barbecue, the last thing you need to experience is a mad dash to the local filling station to refill your propane tank. Luckily, the GasWatch propane gas leak detector connects easily between the tank and the regulator and features a low-level gas indicator to let you know when it's time to refill your propane tank.

You'll feel like a professional chef if you're grilling with top-of-the-line tools: The Outset Copper Mesa 3-Piece BBQ Set includes tongs, spatula and a barbecue fork, all made of copper-accented solid stainless steel with smooth-finish handles (also available without the copper accents).

Serving a varied menu? Make sure you cook ribs, burgers, chicken breasts, and fish thoroughly with the Smart BBQ Fork. This stainless-steel fork has a built-in temperature probe. Just select the type of meat you're cooking and your desired doneness level. When the ideal temperature is reached in the center of the meat, the Smart BBQ Fork will beep. You'll never overcook or burn your steak again!

Since the best backyard barbecues go on after dark, make sure this doesn't affect your cooking: The battery-powered LED Grill Light clamps onto the side of your grill or any nearby spot to illuminate the area you need, and you won't need to move your grill closer to an indoor light to see. Don't feel like replacing batteries? Try the Solar Grill Light: Its rechargeable battery is charged by the sun during the day for cost-free lighting while you barbecue.

Treat the Chef Like a King

The one downside to the summer barbecue is that it leaves one poor sap — usually the host... or the host's husband — behind a fiery grill on the hottest day of the year. Make sure your cook knows he's appreciated! Set up a pair of Advent 10-Watt 900 MHz Wireless Stereo Speakers, and the hero of the day will be able to work along to some tunes from your A/V system, even if it's 300 feet away. This wireless system sends powerful sound and excellent audio quality through walls and doors to these 10-watt AC- or battery-powered speakers.

Keep your chef cool as he cooks with a refreshing snow cone. You don't need to visit a fair on this busy day to enjoy this cool treat: Make 'em yourself with the Ice-Cube Sno Maker, which makes professional-quality shaved ice at home.

Your cook will know it's hot enough for another snow cone with a glance at the weather-resistant Atomic Clock w/Thermometer, which has a built-in thermometer to display the temperature. This maintenance-free wall clock automatically sets itself against the most accurate clock in the world.

Enjoy your barbecue!


Last Updated: June 20, 2007

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