Turn on any Light from 2 Different Switches

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Turn on any Light from 2 Different Switches
You know that dark hallway that inexplicably only has a switch at one end? You don't have to hope there's nothing lying around to trip over. Set up a simple lighting kit, and you'll be able to turn on one light with any two switches in your home. The INSTEON SwitchLinc 3-Way Dimmer Kit is ideal for long hallways or staircases but can be used to control any incandescent light from two different locations.
INSTEON SwitchLinc 3-Way Dimmer Kit
No Programming Required This pair of in-wall dimmer switches simply replaces your existing light switches. The kit comes with two switches that are already pre-linked, so you won't need to program them in order for them to control one light. You can even adjust brightness levels from either dimmer switch.
Easy Installation These dimmers attach to the same wires as your existing wall switches, which makes installation easy: Just remove the existing switches and replace them with these dimmers. No expensive electrician needed! Wall plates are sold separately.
(1) SwitchLinc V2 3-Way Dimmer Kit2494M3$89.99

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