Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part IV: Drinks, Anyone?


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Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part IV:
Drinks, Anyone?
The food may be the highlight of any barbecue, but your guests will need something to wash down all that tasty cooking you provide. Remember: It takes more than alcohol and mixers to prepare an outdoor bar for a party. This guide is part four of a five-part series designed to help you to get your home, yard, and grill in shape for the big day. Read on to learn how to throw the perfect Smarthome Labor Day BBQ.
Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part IV: Drinks, Anyone?
Keeping Cool in the Late Summer Heat
The bar is always a popular spot to gather to catch up with friends at a summer party. Make sure your guests and designated bartender keep cool in the sun with the Outdoor Misting Fan. Just connect this oscillating fan to any standard garden hose (sold separately) and plug it in, and its surrounding 950-foot area will be cooled up to 25 degrees! Since your party will be taking place out of doors for the most part, you don't want to force your guests to visit the kitchen every time they want a cool soda or bottle of water. Stock up on cans and bottles and keep them cool outdoors in the Coleman Party Cooler, a durable, stainless steel tub that can hold up to 48 12-ounce cans, five 1.5-liter bottles, or 10.5 gallons of liquid and keep it cold for up to 12 hours. If you'll have a keg at your Labor Day barbecue, you'll be able to ensure beer preservation and pressure regulation with the CO²-Powered Beer Tap System, which combines portability, efficiency and preservation of the beverage without hand pumping or cumbersome gas equipment. This system uses disposable CO² cylinders to supply pressure in the keg to push out the tasty beverage. The system comes with two cylinders, which will dispense half a keg. Additional cylinders can be purchased separately. Serve Refreshing Refreshments
You'll likely want to offer your guests a cool drink when they arrive, but it can take a while for drinks on ice to cool off if they started at room temperature. Ideal for the first phase of a party or to enjoy a cold beverage any time, the Tailgater Cooper Cooler chills wine, beer, and soda in minutes. Just plug it in, add ice and water, and in six minutes, six drinks will be as cold as if they'd had been sitting in the refrigerator for hours. If you'll be serving wine at your Labor Day barbecue, you'll want to make sure you have all the necessary accoutrements at your outdoor bar. The five-piece Wine Gift Set will get a bottle of wine opened, poured and stopped properly: It contains a corkscrew, a crystal wine server, two stoppers, and a wine saver that applies a vacuum seal to opened bottles of wine to keep your wine tasting fresh for a much longer period of time. Whether your friends prefer their martinis shaken or stirred, they'll appreciate the touch of class afforded by the Outset 4-Piece Martini set, an elegant set that comes with two martini glasses and a stainless steel shaker and tray. Light Up The Bar After Dark
The most memorable Labor Day barbecues tend to go on long after the sun sets. Light up your patio bar area without harsh lights or wasted electricity. If you have a patio umbrella, you can attach a battery-powered light to your patio umbrella pole. The weather-resistantBrella Sphere Umbrella Light contains four super-bright white LEDs and simply clamps to your umbrella pole to provide hours of outdoor illumination. No assembly is required! Don't want to struggle with a patio umbrella in front of guests? No problem. Impress friends and family by opening and closing your patio umbrella remotely using a table-mounted switch or a wireless remote control. The Remote Motorized Umbrella Controller's RF remote control has a 40-foot range and even works through walls and glass. Plant Solar-Powered Torch Lamps around the rest of your barbecue area to light up the garden in the evening. These weatherproof lamps are powered by the sun, so you don't need to run wires or replace batteries to enjoy their rays. Thanks to a built-in photocell, the Solar-Powered Torch Lamp will even turn on automatically when daylight grows dim. Additional Series Segments: Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 1: Preparing Your Back Yard for Guests Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 2: Make a Splash With a Super-Cool Pool Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 3: Set Up Your Spa for a Relaxing End to the Day Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 5: Fire Up The Grill for the Big Day

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