Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part II: Make a Splash With a Super-Cool Pool


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Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part II:
Make a Splash With a Super-Cool Pool
Once you've gotten your back yard prepared for your Labor Day guests, it's time to start focusing on where people will spend the day working up an appetite: the pool. This guide is part two of a five-part series designed to help you to get your home, yard, and grill in shape for the big day. Read on to learn how to throw the perfect Smarthome Labor Day BBQ.
Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part II: Make a Splash With a Super-Cool Pool
Dive Into Pool Preparations
Your friends and family will be keeping cool in your pool while they wait for the grub, so make sure this refreshing milieu is as inviting and fun as possible. Keep your pool free of germs, algae, and other micro-organisms with the Solar-Powered Pool Purifier, an energy-saving device that relies on the sun's free power to reduce chlorine use by more than 80%, so you'll be able to swim in clean, cool water without bleached hair or towels, dry skin or itchy eyes! Solar heaters are also available. You'll be able to keep your pool water warm without an astronomical electric bill! Do the trees around your pool drop leaves and other debris onto your pool's surface? Make pool cleaning fun and effortless with the Jet Net Remote Control Pool Skimmer, a remote-control catamaran that does all the work while you work the remote from up to 100 feet away. Enjoy the sun in your hammock while cleaning your pool's surface. All batteries and a charger are included, making this device almost effortless! You won't want to rely on a tinny-sounding boom box to entertain all of your Labor Day guests. By installing outdoor speakers, you'll be able to play music through your stereo, television, or MP3 player through weather-resistant speakers designed for outdoor use. Outdoor speakers can easily complement your landscaping: Install rock speakers, and when the music's not playing, you'll never know they're there. Safety First!
All your Labor Day barbecue guests will be invited to enjoy your pool, but on holidays and other days, it's important to ensure that uninvited guests can't hurt themselves in your uncovered pool without your noticing. By installing the Yard Guard Programmable Gate Alarm, you can be sure that you'll be alerted with a loud, 120dB siren the moment your gate is opened, before someone falls to harm on your property. The alarm's pass code is perfect for keeping trespassers away while giving access to authorized users, and since it runs on six AA batteries (sold separately), setup can be completed in minutes. When you're setting up for a party, you can't always keep an eye on the pool. Be alerted to accidental falls with a pool alarm that activates a loud siren the moment a child falls into the pool. The In-Ground Pool Eye Alarm emits a 120dB alarm, and it sends a wireless signal to a receiver you can keep inside your home when its underwater wave sensor detects a disturbance. A Pool Eye Alarm is also available for above-ground pools. If young children will be playing near your pool this Labor Day, there's another simple way to receive an instant alert if one falls in your pool. The Safety Turtle Pool Alarm system uses an alarm base station that you can keep within 100 feet of your swimming pool. Lock a wristband around your child's wrist, and the AC-powered base station will emit a piercing alarm the moment your child jumps or falls into the swimming pool. Since nothing's mounted to the pool, you can even take the system with you to friends' pools easily. The base station and wristbands are sold separately. All wristbands communicating with the base station will need to be the same color; choose from red, yellow, blue, green or purple. Have Some Fun in the Pool With Toys, Games, and Floating Hammocks
After all your hard work, you'll want to enjoy your pool on the big day. Relax in the water in a Floating Hammock, Floating Lounger or Floating Chair, which inflate and deflate quickly for easy use and storage. The lounger even has an AM/FM radio built right into the armrests! Of course the younger guests at your Labor Day barbecue will have a little more energy. Keep them entertained with the Remote-Control Shark, a lifelike pool toy that simulates a real shark's movements. Games abound in late summer swim sessions. Play a few games of HORSE using the Giant Spring Jam Inflatable Basketball, which turns your swimming pool into a water-filled arena. With a little preparation, you can have some wild and wet fun the Smarthome way this upcoming holiday. Additional Series Segments: Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 1: Preparing Your Back Yard for Guests Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 3: Set Up Your Spa For A Relaxing End To The Day Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 4: Drinks, Anyone? Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 5: Fire Up The Grill for the Big Day

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