Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part I: Preparing Your Yard for Party Guests


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Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part I: Preparing Your Yard for Party Guests
Throwing a Labor Day barbecue may sound like a pretty simple undertaking — chill some beer, throw a few burgers on the grill, and you're done, right? Not if you want your barbecue to be the one your friends are talking about well into the fall. This five-part series will help you to get your home, yard, and grill in shape for the big day. Read on to learn how to throw the perfect Smarthome Labor Day BBQ.
Smarthome Labor Day BBQ - Part I: Preparing Your Yard for Party Guests
Get Your Landscaping Looking Its Best Your Smarthome Labor Day BBQ guests will be spending the afternoon in your back yard, so you'll want to make sure your grounds provide an attractive setting. Maintaining a lush garden during the hottest days of summer can be difficult, but Smarthome has a few smart ways to make sure your lawn looks its greenest by Labor Day.
Whether you have sprinklers set up around your yard or just use a hose to water the grass and plants, your back yard can benefit from an automated irrigation system. These devices range from the simple to the complex: Attach hoses to a timer to water up to four different areas of your yard at their own schedules. Or connect an expandable sprinkler system to your home's X10 system to schedule watering remotely. With zoned and timed watering, you'll be able to dictate exactly how much irrigation each section of your yard receives. Water the grass three times a day or your cactus garden once a week! Setting up these systems is simple, and they take all the tedious watering out of your hands. You can even mow the lawn while you're lying in a hammock. The Robomower is an automatic lawn mower that can handle any garden a traditional gas or electric walk mower can handle, regardless of the shape and slopes of the garden, obstacles and type of grass. Tackle the shrubbery with a lightweight, ultra-safe Garden Groom, and your yard will be looking its best in plenty of time for the big day. Eliminate Pests That Could Bug Guests
Once you have your garden looking its best, protect it from wild rabbits or neighborhood pets that can destroy it when you're not around with the battery-powered YardContro, which emits a high-frequency tone when an animal enters its 700-square-foot range. But let's face it: Your guests aren't likely to be swatting bunnies away in the heat of the day. To get rid of the pests that can really bug your friends and family, turn to the Champion. This trap uses proven mosquito attractants to draw the annoying and potentially dangerous insects away from your barbecue area. Prefer a traditional, hanging bug zapper? Try the Rechargeable Bug Zapper Lantern, which combines a UV light with an octenol lure to entice mosquitoes and other flying insects to their deaths. Keep the Party Going After Dark
The best Labor Day barbecues go on long after the sun sets. Make sure your guests don't stumble around in the dark by installing solar lights around your yard. These economical, energy-efficient lights use the power of the sun to illuminate your landscaping, and most, such as the Renaissance Lantern w/Flickering Candle have a photocell installed, so they'll turn on automatically at dusk. You can also make sure guests can find your house if they arrive after sunset with the Solar-Powered Address Light or the EZ-View Solar-Powered Address Numbers. Additional Series Segments: Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 2: Make a Splash With a Super-Cool Pool Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 3: Set Up Your Spa For A Relaxing End To The Day Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 4: Drinks, Anyone? Smarthome Labor Day BBQ Part 5: Fire Up The Grill for the Big Day

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