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Start by getting a printed copy of our catalog.
Product Selection
Look through it and select some products you would like to install in your home. If you have any questions, the people in our Technical Support department can answer your technical questions and give you advice on pre-wiring, installing, and programming the system. Give us a call at (949) 221-9200 or email your questions to [email protected].
Technical Support
TechSupport.gifOur knowledgeable Technical Support team can discuss the items you are interested in and how best to prewire your home or doghouse. Most folks place two or three orders when building a new home. Most commonly the first order is for cable (coax, communication, security, and infrared.) The next order is for switches, connectors, plates, amps, filters (basically the products the first order connects to). The last order is for the controllers: security panel, home automation controller, phone system, HVAC.
Plan Ahead

Installs Easily!Be sure to plan ahead when adding automation to your home. While you can always make changes to your plans, the kind of products we offer just can't be found locally. Take into account your time frame and work with your electrician and builder well in advance of the beginning of construction. We frequently get calls on Friday afternoons from folks who have just discovered us and want to pre-wire their home with a structured wiring system.  Unfortunately, the drywall is going up next Tuesday and they only have a week-end to install the cable.  Our customer service and shipping teams can meet these challenges, but the weekend overnight delivery charges can put a big dent on your credit card!  If you are under this kind of time constraint, log off the Internet and call us now!

Installation Books & Videos
We have some books and videos to help you decide on the kind of automation to install in your new home.
Automation Tips & Tricks Automation Tips & Tricks
Get the inside scoop on dozens of cool automation ideas with dozens of projects you probably hadn't even realized were possible.
Structured Wiring Design Manual Structured Wiring Design Manual
Goes into more details about wiring and how to actually hook systems together to make your home truly impressive.
Wiring your Home for the Future is a video tape that show some of the possibilities for an automated home.  Use this tape to get an idea of some of the possibilities of what home automation can do for your home. It will also increase the SOAF (Significant Other Acceptance Factor). 

Wiring Your Home for the Future
updated 12/23/06

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