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Lighting and Automation Control

Skylink Group's NEW product line, the SkylinkHome Lighting and Automation Control System, is a new Wireless Control System (WCS). This WCS includes more than 40 different models - and growing!
Credit card size remote control transmitters that can be conveniently carried in a pocket or purse.

The Skylinkpad (located above), is a Personal Remote available in various models, each with different a different configuration, that allows you to wirelessly control almost everything in your home: turning lights on/off, dimming lights in different locations, opening or closing gates and garage doors, arming and disarming security and alert systems, turning on or off gas fire places, controlling radio and music systems, opening and closing swing doors, turning fans on/off or exhaust fans for a bath room, etc. Also, SkylinkHome systems operate everywhere in a home, vacation home and a business.

The SkylinkHome System comprises a variety of wireless sensors, wireless remotes, wire-in and plug-in lighting or appliance controls. All wireless communication between SkylinkHome devices is based on rolling code technology. This ensures the highest security for your wireless signals being transmitted. SkylinkHome has products available for all your Dimmers, Lighting & Appliance Control needs:

Important Note: Previous Skylink® Lighting Controls under the Skylink Brand are not compatible with the Skylinkhome Wireless Control Systems (WCS).

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