SkylinkHome TB-318 Wireless Battery-Operated Wall Mount Transmitter

Control Any of Your Skylinkhome Receiver Modules with Wireless Wall Mount Transmitter
  • Wireless range up to 500 feet
  • Brighten, Dim, On, and Off control of lights
  • Capable of controlling electric appliances
  • Create wireless 3-Way circuit
  • Arm/Disarm security systems
  • Control your home audio system



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  • The TC-318 is a wireless, battery-operated wall mounted remote transmitter for the SkylinkHome receivers, such as the in-wall or plug-in dimmers, and in-wall or plug-in On/Off appliance controllers (also called Relays). This wireless wall-mount transmitter allows you to control your SkylinkHome receiving modules up to 500 feet away. The options are almost limitless as to what you can control. Remotely and wirelessly Brighten/Dim lights, or turn lighting and appliances On/Off. For example, open and close gates or garage doors, control your home audio system, arm or disarm a security system, turn off gas fire places, lift curtains to let in sunlight and much more. Quickly and easily create a 3-way lighting circuit by combining this unit with the WR-001 Lighting Receiver In-Wall Dimmer Switch, 300 Watts. The TC-318 is only capable of sending On/Off or Bright/Dim commands. This Wireless Remote transmitter is powered by one CR-2032 battery which is included.

    Note: This wireless wall-mount transmitter is not capable of "Zone Programming." The TC-318-10 Deluxe Hand-Held Wireless Remote Transmitter is needed to program any receiver module into a "Zone" or group of devices.

    The SkylinkHome System comprises a variety of wireless sensors, wireless remotes, wire-in and plug-in lighting or appliance controls. All wireless communication between SkylinkHome devices is based on rolling code technology. This ensures the highest security for your wireless signals being transmitted. A Deluxe Remote is needed for "Zone" programming of any SkylinkHome receiving device.

    SkylinkHome Receivers:

    • WR-001 Lighting Receiver In-Wall Dimmer Switch, 300 Watts
    • WE-001 Lighting Receiver In-Wall On/Off Switch, 1,000 Watts
    • PR-318 Remote Controllable Plug-In Dimmer with Repeater
    • PL-318 Remote Controllable On/Off Plug-In Dimmer
    • PA-318 Remote Controllable Indoor/Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Control Module
    • MR-318 Remote Controllable Wire-In On/Off Control Module
    • MD-318 Remote Controllable Wire-In On/Off/Dimming Control Module

      SkylinkHome Sensors & Transmitter Controllers:

    • TC-318-10 Deluxe Hand-Held Wireless Remote Transmitter, 10-Button
    • TC-318-1 Simple Hand-Held Wireless Remote Transmitter, 1-Button
    • ID-318 Battery-Operated Motion Sensor Transmitter

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer SkylinkHome
    Manufacturer Product No. TB-318
    UPC 623459300387
    Battery CR-2032
    Range Up to 500 feet (in open area)
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    Review of 73053 Review by mr
    Review of 73053

    The product work's as intended would highly recommend it.

    Posted on 7/1/2014

    Review of 73053 Review by mr t
    Review of 73053

    The product work's as intended would highly recommend it.

    Posted on 7/1/2014

    Review of 73053 Review by KEITH
    Review of 73053

    Did not like how long it took to arrive

    Posted on 5/2/2014

    Review of 73053 Review by JAMES
    Review of 73053

    Worked great. Installed 4 switches, all close to each other operating 4 diferent lights and no interference with any. Switch color needs to be the same color white as trim plate. :(

    Posted on 2/14/2014

    Review of 73053 Review by DAVID
    Review of 73053

    This was very easy to add to my SK-8 kit to add more switches, to make a 4way set up.

    Posted on 10/9/2013

    Review of 73053 Review by THEODOSIOS
    Review of 73053

    Good product overall. Solved my problem without running wires. Occasionally you have to toggle the switch twice, but that's pretty rare. The switch lost it's code once and I had to reprogram it. Still satisfied with the purchase.

    Posted on 7/10/2013

    Review of 73053 Review by RAND
    Review of 73053

    I purchased this along with the PA-318 Remote. I've only had them installed for a few weeks but they work great. I can turn on/off a pole light in the back yard from my TV room about 25 feet away and the pool house about 100 feet. Both controls are inside and work as I'd hoped. The PA-318 is inside the cast iron pole light. They are so much better than the system I ordered for my fountain. You have to get within 10 feet now. That's down from 30 feel when it was new. Will now order this for the fountain.

    Posted on 6/5/2013

    Review of 73053 Review by JOSEPH
    Review of 73053

    Purchased in combination (TM-001, WR-001, TB-318). The switch works as described. This a slight but noticeable delay when turning switch on/off. Less 1 star for cheap whiter rocker switch - the rocker is white by using a paper like sticker. Chessy look and feel. Very easy install.

    Posted on 3/30/2013

    Review of 73053 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 73053

    The up arrow was in the wrong direction, but after turning the switch upside down, it works fine.

    Posted on 3/20/2013

    Review of 73053 Review by STEPHEN
    Review of 73053

    Easy to link to the receiver, works perfectly

    Posted on 10/24/2012

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