Skylink DM-100 Swing Door Opener with Magnetic Lock

Skylink DM-100 Swing Door Opener with Magnetic Lock

Add Remote Control to Any Swinging Door
  • Control any door with a 4-button remote
  • Works with inward or outward swinging doors
  • Compatible with left and right hand doors
  • Includes electromagnetic lock for added security


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  • Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a remote button. The Swing Door Opener with Magnetic Lock turns any inward or outward swinging door (left or right hand) into an automated door, and it even comes with an electromagnetic lock that can be installed for security or privacy.

    A variety of modes are available for operation. In Open/Close Mode, two remote buttons will open the door, and the other two will close it. If you have two doors set up, you can use the same remote to control both. In Toggle Mode, you'll enjoy one-button operation. By activating the remote, the door will either open or close, depending on its current position. When Timer Mode is selected, you'll activate the remote to open the door, and the door will close automatically after it has been opened for a specific period of time. You may change the timer setting from 10 seconds up to 50 seconds, in 10-second intervals. You can even install a keypad transmitter to open the door using a pass code instead of the handheld remote. A handheld keychain remote is also available to control the Swing Door Opener.

    During power failure, the door can still be opened or closed manually. An obstacle detection feature is built-in to this automatic door opener, so that when an obstacle is detected in the path of an opening or closing door, the door opener will stop to avoid serious injury. As an added security feature, the closing speed decreases as the door reaches its fully closed position.

    The electromagnetic lock will prevent the door from opening without the remote; disable power to the door for manual use. A Swing Door Opener is also available with an electric strike that allows manual use of the door in addition to automated control.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Skylink
    SkylinkHome Product No.: DM-100
    UPC: 623459700019
    Dimensions: 5" x 4 3/4" x 3"
    Door Materials: Solid or hollow-core wood; metal; or fiberglass
    Maximum Door Weight: 90 lbs. (41kg)
    Maximum Door Width: 36" (0.91m)
    Clearance: 1/16" (1.5mm) between door top and door jamb
    Compatible Door Types: In-Swing Left; In-Swing Right; Out-Swing Left; Out-Swing Right
    Electromagnetic Lock Holding Force: 99 lbs. (45kg) max.
    Operation Modes: Timer, open/close, toggle
    Approvals: FCC compliant

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    Review of 73105m Review by firatm
    Review of 73105m

    It operates fine, however there is a constant humming noise even when the opener is idle not opening or closing. I contacted manufacturer, they responded kindly and replaced the product. But, the noise still continues. This is not acceptable as the constant humming noise like an old bad quality fleurasant light becomes significant and not acceptable at night. This has either bad quality eleoctronic components or bad design, either way unusable if you intend to use it at home for a rooom door.

    Posted on 7/31/2014

    Review of 73105m Review by Bob
    Review of 73105m

    My wife and I both are in wheelchairs and the only way to go outside is thru the laundry room to a door going to the garage. There we have a ramp to roll down into the garage then out. The door going from the laundry room swung in so we had to drive up to the door, then back up while pulling the door open. Once outside we had to turn around to close the door. This unit was installed by our son in about three hours and it's been a blessing for the last year and 1/2.

    Posted on 12/10/2013

    Review of 73105m Review by JOHN
    Review of 73105m

    Instructions well written, piece of cake to install. Has worked great now for a few days!

    Posted on 11/27/2013

    Review of 73105m Review by EDWARD
    Review of 73105m

    Great product easy to instal works excellant!

    Posted on 10/12/2013

    Review of 73105m Review by HERMANUS
    Review of 73105m

    Delivering to Europe NL was fast.
    I had to order a new adapter for EU.
    I did now bud waited to copy the exact specifications.
    The opener is installed and working fine.

    Posted on 9/25/2013

    Review of 73105m Review by David
    Review of 73105m

    Do I need to have the closure plugged in all the time? I noticed that the instructions mention that the door can be opened during a power failure which leads me to believe the door closer needs to be plugged in all the time.

    Posted on 4/9/2013

    Review of 73105m Review by TOM
    Review of 73105m

    first one did not work.had to return.second one works fine.

    Posted on 12/8/2012

    Review of 73105m Review by BRIAN
    Review of 73105m

    I used it for a chicken coop door to open remotely from my house. Works great!

    Posted on 11/8/2012

    Review of 73105m Review by GAL
    Review of 73105m

    Very useful and robust.

    Posted on 11/3/2012

    Review of 73105m Review by BARBARA JEAN
    Review of 73105m

    Continuing problems with installation and still not working (after 2 - 3 weeks)

    Posted on 10/13/2012

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    • 1x - Inswing Armature Plate Bracket
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    • 1x - Electromagnetic Lock
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