Skylink 838AR Rolling Code Receiver

Skylink 838AR Rolling Code Receiver

Offer Home Security by Generating New Code Each Time Unit is Activated
  • Generate new code each time you activate the unit
  • Installation requires more technical skills and knowledge
  • Codes never to be repeated
  • Nobody can steal or duplicate the operating code
  • Easy to install



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  • The Skylink 838AR Rolling Code Receiver generates a new code each time you open/close the garage door, and these codes will never be repeated. The installation of this receiver requires more technical skills and knowledge, and if you are not professional installers, please consider our 838R. The 838R performs exactly the same as 838AR, and it is very easy to install. This product works with most brands (99.99%) of garage door openers, and it beats "code grabber" so that nobody can steal or duplicate the operating code again. This Rolling Code Receiver offers home security at affordable cost and is easy to install. It works in conjunction with 838T Skylink Rolling Code Transmitter. This product is an ideal replacement for older or obsolete models.
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    Review of 73078 Review by PIERRE
    Review of 73078

    This product isn't a quality product and I wouldn't recommend it at all.
    1.) Specs say that it can be fed either in AC or DC, 12 to 24 Volt source. While in DC, it worked OK, it did not when fed in 24V AC. I did a standalone test, programmed one of the remote controls I had purchased for this products (SkyLink 838T) with the 838AR receiver, and verify that the receiver was functioning properly. In AC, after actuating the remote controls 6 to 8 times in a row, the receiver would freeze, the only option to reset it being to power it off. Think of having to power off the garage door mechanism to reset your receiver ... Not very user friendly.
    When fed in 24V DC, it kept functioning, even after 10 to 15 successive actuations by the remote.
    2.) You also may have to add a relay between the output of the receiver and the electronic board of your garage motor, to avoid any damage to the board, as there is voltage on the output.
    3.) Do not except to use this receiver with the HomeLink system fitted in your car. I tried that and it never worked with any of my 2 cars. I sent an inquiry to Skylink Customer Svc and they finally acknowledged that it wouldn't work.

    In summary, stick with good products like Chamberlain or similar brand, and pay a bit more to get a good quality, well-engineered and durable, product vs. this cheap, flimsy one. Peace of mind is worth some money. This product won't last, and it will likely fail when you badly need that garage door to open up.
    Given that the shipping cost to return the units were close to what I would have collected back from the seller, I elected to discard them.
    I learnt my lesson.

    Posted on 10/9/2013

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